Skinner’s Field & Trial Working 23 Dry Dog Food

  • Skinners
  • Explosive Energy: Power through long days with 23% protein & 10% fat.
  • Staunch Stamina: Slow-release carbs keep them going from sunrise to sunset.
  • Faster Recovery: L-carnitine helps bounce back quickly after tough tasks.
  • Strong & Healthy: Build strong bones & teeth and support a healthy immune system. ️
  • Shiny Coat, Supple Joints: Omega-3 & Omega-6 fatty acids for a radiant coat and flexible joints. ✨
  • Made for Working Dogs: Tailored nutrition for optimal performance and well-being. ‍ •

  • Unleash Their Potential: Fuel their fire and watch them shine!

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Unleash the Working Dog Within: Fuel Their Fire with Skinner’s Field & Trial Working 23 Dry Dog Food

Your working dog lives and breathes adventure. From sunup treks to dusk patrols, they demand a fuel that matches their unwavering spirit. Skinner’s Field & Trial Working 23 Dry Dog Food is meticulously crafted to unleash the working dog within, powering their athleticism and igniting their boundless energy.

Built for the Demands of a Working Day:

This isn’t kibble you’ll find in ordinary bowls. Working 23 is a nutritional powerhouse, boasting a potent blend of 23% protein and 10% fat. This dynamic duo delivers an explosion of sustained energy, fueling muscles on even the most demanding days. Whether your canine companion chases sheep across rugged highlands, guards sheep flocks, or tracks scents through dense forests, Working 23 provides the fuel they need to thrive.

Stamina That Lasts Longer Than the Sunrise:

But fuel is just half the story. Working 23 goes beyond providing immediate energy, equipping your working dog with the endurance to push through long days. Digestible carbohydrates, like rice and maize, release energy slowly, ensuring peak performance from dawn till dusk. And with added L-carnitine, a natural fatigue fighter, your dog will recover faster and bounce back ready for the next challenge.

More Than Just Muscles: Nurturing the Whole Working Dog:

Working 23 understands that a working dog’s life is more than just physical exertion. This holistic formula nourishes all aspects of their well-being. Calcium and phosphorus strengthen bones and teeth, while a blend of essential vitamins and minerals support a healthy immune system and a gleaming coat. Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids keep joints supple and flexible, preventing aches and pains that can slow down even the most determined worker.

Fueling Champions, One Kibble at a Time:

Skinner’s Field & Trial Working 23 Dry Dog Food isn’t just food; it’s a commitment to your working dog’s complete well-being. It’s the fuel for their fire, the foundation for their strength, and the key to unlocking their boundless potential. So, watch your working dog leap over obstacles, run tirelessly through fields, and work with unwavering focus, knowing you’ve given them the best. Unleash the hero within with Working 23.

Give your working dog the advantage they deserve. Choose Skinner’s Field & Trial Working 23 Dry Dog Food and watch them ignite their potential.

Remember: Skinner’s Field & Trial Working 23 Dry Dog Food – Fueling the Working Dog Within.


Whole wheat, beef meat meal, maize, full-fat soya bean meal, rice, oats, chicken fat, bran, vitamins, and minerals.

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