Dr John Silver Chicken with Vegetables Dry Dog Food

  • Gilbertson & Paige
  • Power Up: Fuel muscles with 20% protein & slow-release energy for all-day adventures.
  • Joint Support: Keep them leaping & bounding with Yucca for happy, healthy joints.
  • Shining Coat: Nourish skin from within for a vibrant, healthy glow.
  • Clean Teeth: Crunchy kibble cleans teeth naturally for fresh breath & dental care.
  • No Nasties: Just natural ingredients for the champion they are.

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Fuel the Drive of Adult & Senior Sporting & Working Dogs with Dr. John Silver Chicken with Vegetables Dry Dog Food!

Unleash the boundless energy and unwavering focus of your adult and senior sporting or working dog with Dr. John Silver Chicken, a complete dry food specially formulated for the champions who chase squirrels or navigate sheepdogs trials. Every crunchy bite of this delicious recipe is packed with the high-quality protein and sustained energy they need to power through their days, no matter the challenge.

Dr. John Silver Chicken with Vegetables Dry Dog Food:
  • Fuel Active Lifestyles: Featuring 20% protein from real chicken, this nutritious formula provides the essential building blocks for strong muscles and tireless performance.
  • Long-Lasting Energy: Wholegrain cereals release energy slowly, keeping your dog fueled throughout the day, from sunrise training sessions to dusk herding duties.
  • Joint Support for Every Adventure: Yucca extract helps maintain healthy joints and lubricates cartilage, keeping your furry athlete comfortable with every leap and bound.
  • Healthy Skin & Coat: Essential oils and vitamins work together to nourish your dog’s skin from the inside out, resulting in a gleaming coat that radiates health.
  • Dental Care in Every Bite: Crunchy kibble helps naturally clean teeth as your dog eats, promoting dental hygiene and fresh breath.
  • No Artificial nasties: Free from artificial colours, flavours, and sugars, you can be confident you’re giving your dog only the best, natural ingredients.
Dr. John Silver Chicken with Vegetables Dry Dog Food:

More than just food, it’s fuel for champions. Give your adult or senior sporting and working dog the nutritional advantage they deserve with Dr. John Silver. Watch them perform at their peak, chase their dreams with boundless energy, and recover with ease, all thanks to a diet crafted specifically for their active lives.

Dr. John Silver Chicken with Vegetables Dry Dog Food: Unleash the champion within!


Wheat, meat meal (31%), poultry meal (11% chicken), vegetables (peas 4%), maize, chicken gravy, chicken fat, minerals, linseed, and yucca extract.

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