Pedigree Dentastix Fresh Small, 28stk


Pedigree Dentastix Fresh Small

PEDIGREE Daily DENTASTIX Fresh Small 5-10kg 28 Sticks 4 x 110g

Derivatives of Vegetable Origin (including 0.2% Decaffeinated Green Tea Extract and 0.06% Eucalyptus Oil)
Meat and Animal Derivatives
Minerals (including 2.4% Sodium Tripolyphosphate)
Vegetable Protein Extracts

Analytical constituents (%): 
Protein: 8.4 
Fat content: 1.2 
Inorganic matter: 5.4 
Crude fibres: 2.8 
Energy: 300 kcal/100g 
Additives per kg: 
Nutritional additives: 
Zinc sulphate heptahydrate: 1045 mg 
Sensory additives: 
Chicken flavour: 572 mg