Eukanuba Dog Mature/Senior Large Breed


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Eukanuba Dog Mature/Senior Large Breed

Eukanuba Mature & Senior Large – for large breed dogs from 
the age of 6yrs and giant breed dogs from the age of 5yrs onwards

Optimal levels of high quality animal protein to help maintain
muscle mass and support organ and immune function. Slightly less protein and fat to lessen stress 
on the joints of large breeds, plus a large kibble size
Joint support – glucosamine & chondroitin sulphate to support
healthy joints 
Reduced fat and L-carnitine to help maintain weight and improve body
Balance of omega 6 and 3 fatty acids plus GLA to support healthy skin
and coat
Carbohydrate blend (barley & sorghum) to help maintain blood sugar 
levels after a meal – helps the dog feel fuller for longer
Natural and prebiotic fibres (beet pulp and FOS) to help promote a 
healthy intestinal environment 
Enhanced with L-Carnitine to help burn fat and maintain a healthy weight