Bakers Meaty Twist Jumbo, 200g


Bakers Meaty Twist Jumbo

BAKERS® Jumbo Meaty Twist is a dog chew designed to help keep large dogs (25kg+) happy and satisfied. Each Jumbo Meaty Twist has a chewy, twisted outer layer and a soft, meaty centre – because two textures equal double the fun! Each one is made with delicious beef for a scrummy, meaty taste they’ll come back to again and again.

These jumbo dog chews contain only 4% fat, making them suitable as a treat up to four times a week. We add omega 3 and 6, which helps keep his skin healthy and his coat glossy, as well as extra vitamins and antioxidants that support his natural defences and promote a healthy body. Best of all, these dog chews are designed to last longer – helping to promote wellbeing in your dog, as well as helping to keep him satisfied. Delicious!