Vitapet Dog Moult Formula Coat Conditioner

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  • Tackles Excessive Moulting: Omega-6 oils regulate shedding for less tumbleweeds & more cuddles.
  • Boosts Coat Shine & Strength: Vitamins A, D & E nourish fur for a healthy, gleaming glow.
  • Soothes Itchy Skin: Moisturizing formula eases discomfort & encourages less scratching.
  • Delicious & Easy to Use: Just drizzle over food for effortless moulting control.
  • Happier Pups, Cleaner Homes: Shed less, snuggle more, say goodbye to fur-covered everything!
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Tame the Tumbling Tresses: Vitapet Dog Moult Formula Coat Conditioner – Unleash a Coat They’ll Wag About!

Shedding season got you reaching for the lint roller in despair? Furry furniture and tumbleweed tumbleweeds of hair got you singing the blues? Say goodbye to the fluff-pocalypse with Vitapet Dog Moult Formula Coat Conditioner, the ultimate weapon in your fight against excessive shedding!

This unique blend of natural oils, brimming with Omega-6 fatty acids, is your dog’s secret weapon to a gorgeously glossy, healthy coat and dramatically reduced moulting. Imagine: less fur floating in your coffee, fewer tumbleweeds gracing your floors, and more time spent cuddling your snuggly, shiny canine companion.

Vitapet Dog Moult Formula:
  • Conquers Excessive Moulting: Omega-6 fatty acids, proven to replenish natural oil levels and support healthy hair growth, gently regulate your dog’s shedding cycle, leaving you with a manageable coat and a happier home.
  • Unleashes a Coat that Shines: Infused with vitamins A, D, and E, this formula nourishes and strengthens hair follicles, making your dog’s coat gleaming, strong, and irresistibly touchable. Think puppy-soft fur radiating a healthy sheen!
  • Soothes Itchy Skin: Dry, irritated skin can exacerbate moulting. Vitapet Dog Moult Formula Coat Conditioner’s moisturizing properties soothe and calm the skin, reducing scratching and promoting comfort for your furry friend.
  • Easy to Use, Big Results: Simply drizzle this deliciously palatable oil over your dog’s food, and watch the magic happen! No messy powders, no stressful fuss – just effortless moulting control and a coat that wows.

Available in two convenient sizes, Vitapet Dog Moult Formula  caters to any pup’s needs. 150ml for the occasional shedder, or 400ml for the champions of fur-flying fun, this coat conditioner is your pawsome partner in keeping shedding at bay.

Embrace the cuddle puddles, shed the shedding stress. Choose Vitapet Dog Moult Formula Coat Conditioner for a coat that wags, not sheds!
Order yours today and let the shedding-free snuggles begin!

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