Vitalin Small Breed Lamb with Mint

  • Vitalin
  • Freshley prepared lamb
  • Single animal protein source
  • Citrus extracts to support dental
  • With herbs and botanicals

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Fuel Adventures with Flavour: Vitalin Small Breed Lamb with Mint Dry Dog Food

Big dreams come in small packages, and their tummies deserve food that matches. Introducing Vitalin Small Breed Lamb with Mint Dry Dog Food, a delectable recipe crafted specifically for your pint-sized explorer. This isn’t just kibble, it’s a passport to a world of wagging tails, zoomies through the park, and snuggle sessions fueled by real lamb taste and refreshing mint.

Small but Mighty Appetites: Forget generic dog food that leaves your tiny terror unsatisfied. Vitalin understands the needs of high-energy small breeds, packing every bite with 36.5% delicious lamb. We’re talking freshly prepared lamb, not just leftovers, delivering essential protein for boundless energy and lean muscle maintenance.

More Than Just Meat: A small dog’s life is a big adventure, and their bodies need more than just protein. Vitalin goes the extra mile with a blend of nutrient-rich veggies like peas, sweet potato, and carrots, providing essential vitamins and minerals for optimal health. Plus, added prebiotics and probiotics keep your pup’s tummy happy and digestion smooth, so they can focus on sniffing out squirrels, not upset stomachs.

Mint for the Win: We all know small dogs, big personalities. Sometimes, those big personalities come with even bigger breath. Vitalin’s unique touch of mint isn’t just for taste (though your pup will love it!), it helps freshen breath and leave your cuddle buddy smelling like a spring meadow, not a post-treat dragon.

Small Kibble, Big Smiles: We know tiny mouths deserve tiny bites. Vitalin’s perfectly sized kibble is easy for small jaws to crunch, making mealtime a joy, not a struggle. Plus, it helps promote dental health by encouraging chewing, keeping those pearly whites sparkling clean.

Vitalin Small Breed Lamb with Mint Dry Dog Food isn’t just food, it’s a celebration of your small but mighty adventurer. It’s fuel for every zoomie, every bark, every tail wag. It’s the taste of endless playtime, cozy cuddles, and adventures big and small. So, ditch the generic kibble and let your tiny champion unleash their inner hero with every bowl of Vitalin.

Fuel the Small Breed Revolution. Choose Vitalin Lamb with Mint.


Lamb (36.5%, including Dried Lamb 25%, Freshly Prepared Lamb 10%, Lamb Gravy 1.5%), Potato, Sweet Potato, Rapeseed Oil, Whole Peas, Potato Protein, Sugar Beet, Dried Carrot, Dried Parsnip, Whole Linseed, Chicory Root Extract (as a source of Prebiotic FOS) (0.3%), Citrus Extracts (0.2%), Mannan-oligosaccharides (Prebiotic MOS) (0.1%), Glucosamine (340mg/kg), MSM (340mg/kg), Chondroitin (240mg/kg), Apple Cider Vinegar Powder (200mg/kg), Dried Spearmint (200mg/kg), Honey Powder (200mg/kg), Dried Nettle (200mg/kg), Dried Thyme (200mg/kg), Extract of Yucca Schidigera, Tyndallised Lactobacillus Helveticus HA-122 (0.005%).

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