Vitalin Farmhouse Supper with Beef & Vegetables Dry Dog Food

  • Vitalin
  • Freshley prepared beef
  • Single animal protein source
  • Citrus extracts to support dental
  • With herbs and botanicals
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From Pups to Silver Snouts, Every Wag Deserves a Farmhouse Feast: Vitalin Supper with Beef & Vegetables!

Life may slow down a bit with age, but the zest for adventure never fades in our beloved adult and senior companions. That’s why Vitalin Farmhouse Supper with Beef & Vegetables Dry Dog Food is more than just a meal – it’s a delicious invitation to keep tails wagging through every stage of life.

Imagine this: picture your dog, eyes gleaming with anticipation, as they dive into a bowl brimming with freshly prepared beef, tender veggies like potatoes, peas, and carrots, all bathed in a savoury gravy that awakens their inner gourmand. Farmhouse Supper isn’t just fuel for playful trots and leisurely strolls; it’s a celebration of life’s simple pleasures, tailored to nourish every stage of adulthood and beyond.

But we understand that seasoned adventurers have unique needs. So, Vitalin Farmhouse Supper goes the extra mile with a blend of nutrients specifically chosen for mature canine companions:

  • Gentle on tummies: Prebiotics and paraprobiotics work hand-in-hand to support healthy digestion, keeping senior digestive systems happy and regular.
  • Joint mobility support: Glucosamine, chondroitin, and MSM join forces to maintain those adventurous leaps and playful pounces, ensuring every walk is a joy.
  • Dental delight: Citrus extracts help keep senior smiles sparkling clean and breath fresh, because even silver snouts deserve to shine.
  • Skin & coat vibrancy: A balanced blend of vitamins and minerals nurtures a healthy, lustrous coat, reflecting the inner vitality of your treasured friend.

Vitalin Farmhouse Supper isn’t just a meal; it’s a love letter to your adult and senior dog. We use responsibly sourced ingredients, fresh and local whenever possible, and say “no” to artificial colours and flavours. And with recyclable packaging, we care for the planet just as much as we care for your furry family.

Fuel every tail wag, every gentle stroll, every playful nip with the delicious goodness of Vitalin Farmhouse Supper. Because every dog, from playful pup to seasoned adventurer, deserves a taste of the good life.


Dried Chicken (26%), Whole Barley, Potato, Freshly Prepared Beef (10%), Naked Oats, Whole Peas (5.0%), Chicken Oil, Sugar Beet, Chicken Gravy, Dried Carrot (1.0%), Dried Parsnip (1.0%), Chicory Root Extract (as a source of Prebiotic FOS) (0.3%), Citrus Extracts (0.2%), Mannanoligosaccharides (Prebiotic MOS) (0.1%), Glucosamine (340mg/kg), MSM (340mg/kg), Chondroitin (240mg/kg), Apple Cider Vinegar Powder (200mg/kg), Dried Spearmint (200mg/kg), Honey Powder (200mg/kg), Dried Nettle (200mg/kg), Dried Thyme (200mg/kg), Extract of Yucca Schidigera, Tyndallised Lactobacillus Helveticus HA-122 (0.005%).

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2kg, 12kg


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