Ruff ‘N’ Tumble Nip ‘A’ Moggy

  • Sharples n Grant
  • Potent catnip: Packed with the good stuff to send your kitty into playtime overdrive.
  • Crinkly & cuddly: Ears and tail beg for pouncing and kneading.
  • Treat dispenser surprise: Reward successful hunts with hidden kibble or treats.
  • Durable fun: Built to withstand even the most ferocious attacks.
  • Vibrant colours: Keep your cat visually engaged for longer.

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Unleash the Inner Hunter with Ruff ‘N’ Tumble Nip ‘A’ Moggy: The Domestic Cat Toy Your Feline Will Go Gaga For!

Is your furry friend feeling a little… uninspired? Does batting at dust bunnies and napping in sunbeams no longer ignite their wild side? Well, prepare to witness a tail-wagging, paw-pouncing transformation with Ruff ‘N’ Tumble Nip ‘A’ Moggy, the domestic cat toy destined to unleash the untamed hunter within!

More than just a toy, Nip ‘A’ Moggy is an invitation to adventure. Crammed with potent, all-natural catnip, this vibrant, plush cat entices even the most jaded feline with its irresistible aroma. Watch as your kitty’s nose twitches, eyes widen, and whiskers quiver – the hunt is on!

Nip ‘A’ Moggy isn’t your average catnip plaything. This meticulously crafted mouse boasts crinkly ears that beg for pouncing, a fluffy tail that begs for chasing, and a textured body that begs for relentless kneading. The durable stitching ensures this toy can withstand hours of ferocious batting and bunny kicks, while the playful colours keep your cat visually engaged for longer.

But the magic doesn’t stop there! Nip ‘A’ Moggy doubles as a treat dispenser, offering a delicious reward with every successful stalk and pounce. Simply fill the hidden pocket with your cat’s favourite kibble or treats, and let the games begin! Fueling the hunt with tasty morsels adds an extra layer of excitement, transforming playtime into a brain-teasing, treat-snatching extravaganza.

More than just a domestic cat toy, Nip ‘A’ Moggy is a purr-fectly crafted catalyst for:
  • Exhilarating pounces and playful batting: The irresistible catnip and engaging textures ignite your cat’s natural hunting instincts.
  • Healthy exercise and mental stimulation: Stalk, chase, and pounce – Nip ‘A’ Moggy encourages active play that keeps your cat physically and mentally sharp.
  • Stress relief and purr-ogies galore: The potent catnip and the act of hunting promote relaxation and contentment, leaving your kitty feeling happy and satisfied.
  • Bonding time for you and your feline friend: Share the joy of playtime, watching your cat unleash their inner tiger with Nip ‘A’ Moggy.
So, are you ready to witness the playful metamorphosis? Give your domestic cat the ultimate playtime experience with Ruff ‘N’ Tumble Nip ‘A’ Moggy, the domestic cat toy that puts the “wow” in meow!
Order yours today and unleash the untamed joy!
  • Size Height 17cm, Width 5cm, Length 14cm
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