Red Mills Racer Plus Dry Dog Food

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  • Powerhouse Protein (27%!): Fuel explosive energy & unwavering stamina for racing breeds.
  • Ironclad Strength & Health: Build bones, ligaments & gut health for peak performance & injury prevention.
  • Tail-Wagging Taste: Delicious dry food even picky eaters love!

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Unleash the Champion Within: Fuel Your Racing Breed with Red Mills Racer Plus

Red Mills Racer Plus isn’t just dry dog food; it’s the nitro boost your racing breed needs to unleash their inner champion. Whether you’re a seasoned greyhound trainer, a whippet enthusiast, or a lurcher champion in the making, Racer Plus is specifically formulated to fuel the explosive energy and unwavering stamina that defines these incredible athletes.

Engineered for Peak Performance:
  • Explosive Energy: 27% protein content, including increased meat, provides the high-quality fuel your racing breed craves to power through training and race day.
  • Unwavering Stamina: Enriched with vitamins and minerals, Racer Plus supports optimal oxygen delivery and muscle recovery, pushing your champion further with every stride.
  • Ironclad Strength: A unique blend of nutrients promotes the development of stronger muscles, ligaments, and bones, minimizing injuries and maximizing performance throughout their racing career.
Beyond the Finish Line:

Racer Plus isn’t just about race day glory. It’s about a champion’s overall well-being.

  • Optimal Digestion: Chicory fiber keeps gut health in tip-top shape, ensuring efficient nutrient absorption and complete utilization of every kibble.
  • Gleaming Coat & Radiant Skin: Rich in Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids, Racer Plus nourishes from within, promoting a healthy, sleek coat and vibrant skin that shines as brightly as your dog’s potential.
  • Tail-Wagging Taste: Developed with palates in mind, Racer Plus boasts a delicious flavour that leaves even the most finicky eaters begging for more.
Fueling Champions, Generation After Generation:

For decades, Red Mills Racer Plus has been the trusted choice of trainers and breeders who demand the best for their racing companions. It’s a legacy built on results, witnessed in countless winning strides and championship titles. So, when you choose Racer Plus, you’re not just giving your dog food, you’re giving them the tools to rewrite their racing destiny.

Unleash the champion within. Choose Red Mills Racer Plus.


Cereals, Meat And Animal Derivatives, Fish And Fish Derivatives, Oils And Fats, Derivatives Of Vegetable Origin, Vegetable Protein Extracts, Minerals, Chicory Extract, and Yeast Extract.

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