PRO PLAN® Medium Sensitive Grain Free Turkey

  • Purina
  • Medium-sized dogs with sensitive stomachs
  • Dogs who are picky eaters or have food allergies
  • Active dogs who need high-quality protein for energy
  • Dogs who deserve the best in targeted nutrition

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Unleash a Wagging Tail with PRO PLAN® Medium Sensitive Grain Free Turkey Dry Dog Food: Fueling Medium Marvels from the Inside Out

Is your medium-sized mutt a sensitive soul with a rumbling tummy? Do your mealtimes revolve around finding food that soothes their stomach without sacrificing taste bud thrills? Look no further than the culinary masterpiece that is PRO PLAN® Medium Sensitive Grain Free Turkey Dog Food. This ain’t just kibble, folks; it’s a symphony of deliciousness specially crafted for your medium-sized marvel’s sensitive digestion.

Medium Sized, Maximum Flavour: Crafted with real turkey as the number one ingredient, this grain-free formula delivers a protein punch your pup craves, all while being gentle on their tummy. Say goodbye to itchy skin and gurgling bellies – hello, tail-wagging satisfaction at every meal!

Sensitive Stomachs, Satisfied Smiles: We understand that medium-sized dogs with sensitive stomachs deserve extra TLC. That’s why we ditched the grains that can cause tummy troubles and packed this food with easily digestible goodness like cassava and pea protein. Prebiotics join the party, too, promoting a happy gut flora and keeping things running smoothly inside.

Fueling Adventures, Big and Small: Every medium-sized mutt has adventures in their heart, whether it’s conquering the couch potato challenge or ruling the neighbourhood park. PRO PLAN® Medium Sensitive Grain Free  provides the perfect balance of nutrients to keep your pup energized for every escapade. High-quality protein builds lean muscle, while essential vitamins and minerals keep them healthy and strong.

More Than Just Kibble, It’s a Love Letter to Your Dog: We pour our passion for pets into every bag of PRO PLAN® Medium Sensitive Grain Free. It’s more than just food – it’s a commitment to your medium-sized companion’s health and happiness. Watch their eyes light up at mealtime, feel their fur shine with newfound health, and experience the joy of a dog whose tummy is finally at peace.

So, give your medium-sized marvel the gift of deliciousness and digestive harmony with PRO PLAN® Medium Sensitive Grain Free. Because every medium-sized dog deserves a food that fuels their adventures and soothes their soul, one crunchy bite at a time.

Ready to unleash the wagging tail within? Try PRO PLAN® Medium Sensitive Grain Free Turkey Dry Dog Food today!


Turkey (16%), Dehydrated chicken protein, Pea starch, Cassava (12%), Dried pea, animal fat, soya meal, Pea protein, dried beet pulp, digest, dried egg, minerals, fish oil.

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