PRO PLAN® Large Robust Puppy OPTISTART®

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  • Giant Potential: High-protein chicken fuels robust muscle growth in large breed pups.
  • Smart & Strong: DHA boosts brain development & minerals build strong bones & joints.
  • Immune Shield: Colostrum supports a healthy immune system for everyday adventures.
  • No Nasties: Just pure, wholesome goodness for your little giant.

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Unleash the Mighty Pup Within: PRO PLAN® Large Robust Puppy OPTISTART® Dry Dog Food

Prepare to witness the glorious transformation of your adorable furball into a majestic giant with PRO PLAN® Large Robust Puppy OPTISTART® Dry Dog Food. This isn’t just kibble, it’s a rocket fuel for growing puppy dreams, specially formulated for the big-boned beauties with ambitions to conquer the backyard kingdom.

Kickstart the Robust Revolution:
  • OptiStart® Advantage: Bursting with a secret weapon called OptiStart®, this kibble is infused with the goodness of colostrum, nature’s first milk. Imagine it – the very nourishment that fueled champions in the womb, now powering your future champion’s playful pounces and tail-wagging triumphs.
  • Muscle Mania in Every Munch: We get it. Your large breed pup isn’t built for dainty nibbles. They need protein, the kind that packs a punch. That’s why PRO PLAN® Large Robust Puppy OPTISTART® is packed with real chicken as the #1 ingredient, delivering the muscle-building blocks to turn those wobbly puppy legs into sturdy pillars of playful prowess.
  • Growing Strong Starts Here: Big dreams need big bones, and this food takes bone-building seriously. A precise blend of calcium and phosphorus provides the perfect foundation for healthy skeletons, so your pup can leap, climb, and explore with confidence.
  • Immunity Fortress Activated: Worried about those puppy sniffles and sneezes? Fear not! The OptiStart® blend in PRO PLAN® Large Robust Puppy OPTISTART® also supports your pup’s developing immune system, helping them navigate the world of paw prints and puddle splashes with superhero-like resilience.
  • Dental Defense Unleashed: Chewing is a puppy’s superpower, and those pearly whites deserve top-notch protection. This kibble’s specially designed texture helps clean teeth with every chomp, keeping that puppy grin sparkling through every slobbery adventure.
Fuel the Gigantic Heartbeat:

PRO PLAN® Large Robust Puppy  isn’t just about building brawn; it nourishes the boundless energy that defines your growing giant. Every crunchy morsel is packed with essential vitamins and minerals to keep those playful zoomies going all day long.

So, watch out world, because your tiny titan is about to take it by storm. With PRO PLAN® Large Robust Puppy  as their secret weapon, they’ll be running, jumping, and loving life to the fullest – one kibble-powered adventure at a time. Unleash the mighty pup within!

Remember, PRO PLAN® Large Robust Puppy OPTISTART®:
  • OptiStart® powered for immune system support
  • Muscle-building protein from real chicken, the #1 ingredient
  • Strong bones, thanks to optimal calcium and phosphorus
  • Dental defense with every chomp
  • Fueling boundless energy for endless adventures
Give your large breed pup the gift of robust potential with PRO PLAN® Large Robust Puppy. Let the growing, conquering, tail-wagging reign begin!


Chicken (17%), Wheat, Dehydrated poultry protein, Maize, Rice (6%), Soya meal, Animal fat, Wheat fibre, Gluten, Digest, Dried beet pulp, Minerals, Fish oil, and Dried colostrum (0.1%).

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