Petkin Paw Wipes

  • Sharples n Grant
  • Sparkling paws: Gentle wipes lift dirt & mud, leaving behind happy softness.
  • Odour out, fresh in: Neutralize paw-blems with refreshing scents!
  • Pocket-sized pawsitivity: Toss a pack & go! No more messy cleanup spills.
  • Protecting precious paws: Soothe skin & prevent paw licking woes.
  • Cat & dog-approved cuddles: Tear-free formula, gentle for all paw-some pals.

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Ditch the Dribble, Pamper Pawsitively: Petkin Paw Wipes for Happy (and Clean!) Cats and Dogs

Muddy paw prints trailing across your newly mopped floor? Grass stains turning your once-pristine couch into a doggy jungle gym? Fear not, pet parents, for the paw-some power of Petkin Paw Wipes has arrived!

Crafted with love for your furry friends (and your sanity), these gentle yet effective wipes are the ultimate weapon in your arsenal against muddy mitts and mucky paws. Whether you’re tackling post-park frolicking or taming the aftermath of a rainy walk, Paw Wipes are your go-to solution for keeping those precious paws perfectly pristine.

But wait, there’s more! Petkin Paw Wipes aren’t just about keeping things tidy (although they rock at that too!). They’re also specially formulated to:
  • Soothe and condition delicate paw pads: Enriched with soothing aloe vera and vitamin E, these wipes gently cleanse away dirt, grime, and irritants, leaving paws feeling soft, smooth, and healthy.
  • Provide a pawsitive (get it?) shield: The handy wipes help remove allergens and irritants that can trigger licking and chewing, promoting paw health and preventing those pesky hot spots.
  • Freshen up funky feet: Let’s face it, sometimes those paws can get a little…aromatic. Paw Wipes come in a variety of refreshing scents, like cucumber melon and lavender, to neutralize odours and leave your furry friend smelling oh-so-good.
And the best part? Petkin Paw Wipes are:
  • Convenient and portable: Toss a pack in your bag or keep a tub by the door for quick and easy clean-ups on the go. No more lugging around heavy bottles of paw cleaner!
  • Gentle and tear-free: Formulated with your pet’s sensitive skin in mind, these wipes are safe for even the most delicate paws.
  • Biodegradable and eco-friendly: Choose wipes made with love for your pet and the planet, because happy paws and a healthy earth go paw-in-paw!

So ditch the dribble, pamper those paws, and embrace the pawsitivity of Paw Wipes. Your furry friend (and your floors) will thank you for it!

Remember, with Petkin Paw Wipes, happy paws are just a wipe away!

Bonus Tip: Use Petkin Paw Wipes not just for muddy paws, but also for wiping away drool, ear gunk, and other minor messes. They’re your one-stop shop for happy, clean, and pawsitively perfect pets!
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