Petkin Eco Wipe Vanilla & Coconut

  • Sharples N Grant
  • Tropical Clean: Vanilla & Coconut scent + Aloe Vera & Vit E for kissable fur.
  • Eco-Hero: Biodegradable wipes & recyclable pouch, good for pets, good for Earth.
  • Paw-fectly Convenient: Pre-moistened, gentle, & versatile for all furry messes.
  • Double the Fun: Safe for cats & dogs, tropical spa days for all!
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Dive into Paw-radeise with Petkin Eco Wipe Vanilla & Coconut: A Tropical Clean for your Feline and Canine Companions!

Bid adieu to muddy paws and stinky snouts! Petkin Eco Wipe Vanilla & Coconut whisk your furry friends away on a blissful cleaning adventure, leaving them smelling like a sun-kissed tropical dream. Infused with the sweet, vacation-worthy scents of vanilla and coconut, these eco-friendly wipes are the purrfect way to keep your cat or dog fresh and fabulous between baths.

But wait, there’s more than just a beachy aroma to wag your tail about! These biodegradable beauties are packed with natural goodness, like aloe vera and vitamin E, to gently cleanse and condition your pet’s coat, leaving it soft, shiny, and irresistibly touchable. No harsh chemicals or parabens here – just paw-sitive vibes for sensitive skin.

Say goodbye to grime and hello to gleam! Petkin Eco Wipes Vanilla & Coconut tackle everyday messes with ease, whether it’s muddy paw prints after a park romp, drool after a slobbery playtime, or those mysterious “presents” left on the rug. Each wipe is pre-moistened with a gentle yet effective formula that lifts dirt and odour without the need for rinsing, making them the ultimate on-the-go cleaning solution.

But the pampering doesn’t stop there! These versatile wonders work their magic on all kinds of furry nooks and crannies. Gently wipe away crusty eyes, clean those floppy ears, and freshen up a messy behind – Petkin Eco Wipes Vanilla & Coconut are your one-stop shop for a squeaky-clean pet from nose to tail.

And for the eco-conscious pet parent? You can rest easy knowing these wipes are made with love for both your furry friend and the planet. Crafted with biodegradable bamboo fibers and packaged in a recyclable pouch, they’re the guilt-free way to keep your pet sparkling clean.

So, ditch the messy baths and embrace the tropical paw-sibilities of Petkin Eco Wipes Vanilla & Coconut! Give your cat or dog the gift of a spa-worthy clean, a delightful scent, and a healthy, happy coat – all in one convenient, biodegradable wipe.

Get ready to unleash the tropical freshness! Order your Petkin Eco Wipes Vanilla & Coconut today and let the paw-radeise begin!
Remember, these wipes are purrfect for both cats and dogs, so double the cleaning fun and turn bath time into a tropical treat for all your furry family members!
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