Pet Head Sensitive Soul Sensitive Skin Shampoo

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  • Calms itchy, scratchy skin: Soothe irritation with oats & calendula.
  • Deeply nourishes & hydrates: Marula oil for a soft, shiny coat.
  • Gentle & safe: Hypoallergenic, pH balanced, cruelty-free.
  • Tropical bliss: Coconut scent for a spa-like bath experience.

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Pamper the Pups with Pet Head Sensitive Soul: A Symphony of Soothe for Sensitive Skin

Does bath time turn into a symphony of scratching and whimpers for your sensitive-skinned fur-baby? Ditch the drama and welcome the serenades of relief with Pet Head Sensitive Soul Sensitive Skin Shampoo! This gentle, coconut-scented lather works its magic like a paw-sitive maestro, calming irritation and whispering sweet nothings to even the most delicate of doggy dermises.

Sayonara to scratchy serenades! Pet Head Sensitive Soul Sensitive Skin Shampoo is more than just a shampoo; it’s a cuddle in a bottle. Infused with the soothing serenade of natural ingredients like oatmeal and marula oil, this formula works overtime to:
  • Quiet the chorus of itch: Oatmeal, nature’s anti-inflammatory whisperer, gently soothes and calms irritated skin, while marula oil’s moisturizing melody replenishes lost moisture, leaving coats soft and supple.
  • Ditch the dry recitals: Bid farewell to flaky tales and welcome a coat that’s smooth and shiny! Marula oil’s hydrating harmony keeps dry skin at bay, leaving your pup’s fur feeling like silk.
  • Forget the funky freestyles: Banish embarrassing doggy odor with a touch of tropical tranquility. Pet Head Sensitive Soul Sensitive Skin Shampoo’s light, coconut-infused scent leaves your furry friend smelling like a walk on a sun-kissed beach (without the sand!).
No harsh notes here! Unlike other shampoos that belt out a cacophony of harsh chemicals, Sensitive Soul Sensitive Skin Shampoo is:
  • Hypoallergenic: Formulated for even the most sensitive of souls, this shampoo is free from parabens, dyes, and sulfates, ensuring only the sweetest melodies touch your pup’s skin.
  • pH balanced: Perfectly in tune with your dog’s natural balance, this formula gently cleanses without stripping away vital oils, leaving a healthy, happy coat.
  • Vegan and cruelty-free: All paws up for kindness! Sensitive Soul Sensitive Skin Shampoo celebrates the beautiful symphony of life without harming a single furry friend.

So, why settle for bath-time blues when you can orchestrate a chorus of contentment? Uncap the bottle of Sensitive Soul Sensitive Skin Shampoo and let the soothing melodies of relief wash over your dog. From irritated patches to dry skin woes, this shampoo will have your pup purring with delight (or barking with joy, depending on their furry language!).

Transform bath time into a blissful harmony with Pet Head Sensitive Soul Sensitive Skin Shampoo. Order yours today and let the soothing symphonies begin!

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