Nylabone Chicken Puppy Bone & Ring Bone

  • Nylabone
  • Soothes teething: Gentle on gums, saves belongings.
  • Flavour fun: Long-lasting chicken keeps pups engaged.
  • Clean teeth: Nubs & textures combat plaque & tartar.
  • Variety pack: Bone & ring shapes for boredom-busting fun.
  • Made in USA: High quality, safe for your furry friend.

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Say Goodbye to Puppy Blues, Hello to Delicious Fun with Nylabone Chicken Puppy Bone & Ring Bone!

Is your adorable furball gnawing on everything in sight? Teething puppies can be a whirlwind of chewing destruction, but fear not! The Nylabone Chicken Puppy Bone & Ring Bone duo is here to save the day (and your furniture). This dynamic double act isn’t just a puppy chew, it’s a boredom-busting, teeth-soothing, tail-wagging adventure for your growing pup.

Satisfy Teething Urges, Save Your Belongings: Teething brings discomfort, and chewing is a natural way for puppies to soothe their sore gums. But goodbye shoes, hello puppy chew bliss! The Nylabone Chicken Puppy Bone & Ring Bone are made with a special, soft material that’s gentle on delicate puppy mouths, yet durable enough to withstand enthusiastic chewing. This means less furniture nibbling and more happy, occupied playtime.

Flavourful Fun that Lasts: Who doesn’t love a tasty treat? These puppy chew toys are infused with a delicious, long-lasting chicken flavour that will keep your pup engaged and entertained for hours. No more boring chew toys, just pure, flavourful satisfaction with every chomp.

Healthy Habits Start Early: It’s never too early to teach good chewing habits! The Chicken Puppy Bone & Ring Bone duo does double duty by satisfying natural chewing instincts while promoting healthy dental hygiene. The unique textures and nubs help massage gums, remove plaque, and prevent tartar buildup, setting your pup on the path to a sparkling smile.

Variety is the Spice of Pup Life: This dynamic duo offers two distinct chewing experiences in one pack. The classic bone shape provides a comforting chew, while the ring encourages playful tossing and catching. With two puppy chew options to choose from, your pup will never get bored!

Made with Love, Made in the USA: At Nylabone, we understand the deep bond between pet and parent. That’s why we use only the highest quality materials and rigorous safety standards in all our products. The Chicken Puppy Bone & Ring Bone are proudly made in the USA, ensuring peace of mind and quality you can trust.

Give your teething puppy the gift of delicious fun and healthy chewing with the Nylabone Chicken Puppy Bone & Ring Bone! Order yours today and watch your pup’s tail wag with joy!
P.S. Remember, supervise your puppy during chew time and choose the appropriate size based on their weight and chewing strength. Let the puppy chew adventures begin!
Ideal for extra small dogs up to 7kg
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