Nylabone Beef with Gravy Strong Rubber Bone Medium

  • Nylabone
  • Curb cravings & stop destruction with irresistible beef flavour.
  • Durable rubber withstands tough chewers for long-lasting fun.
  • Cleans teeth & massages gums with unique nubs for optimal dental health.
  • Perfect for fetch, tug & solo chewing, promoting mental & physical stimulation.
  • Made for medium breeds like Beagles, Spaniels & Collies.

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Is Your Medium Mutt Munching Mayhem? Curb Cravings & Clean Chompers with the Nylabone Beef with Gravy Strong Rubber Bone – Medium!

Is your medium-breed dog a chewing champion? Do shoes, furniture, and even your sanity fall victim to their tireless gnashing? Channel their gnawing instincts towards something positive with the Nylabone Beef with Gravy Strong Rubber Bone – Medium, the ultimate chew toy designed specifically for medium-sized maulers!

More Than Just a Chew Toy, It’s a Beef-Flavoured Bonanza!

This durable rubber bone, infused with a tantalizing beef and gravy flavour, isn’t just a chew toy, it’s a flavour fiesta for your furry friend. The deliciousness is infused throughout, not just sprayed on, so the fun (and drool-worthy aroma!) lasts chew after satisfying chew.

Built for Medium Mayhem: Strong & Safe for Tough Teeth

Made from high-quality, natural-grade rubber, this bone is built to withstand even the most aggressive chewers. It’s strong enough to handle extended gnawing sessions without crumbling or breaking, keeping your pup entertained and reducing the risk of them ingesting harmful bits. Plus, the unique shape and nubs help massage gums and clean teeth, promoting dental health while they chomp away.

Not Just Chewing, It’s Playtime, Too!

This versatile bone isn’t just for solo chewing sessions. The fun, bouncing design makes it perfect for interactive games of fetch, tug-of-war, or hide-and-seek, providing mental and physical stimulation to keep your medium mutt happy and healthy.

Key Features for Happy Medium Dogs:
  • Medium size specifically designed for breeds like Beagles, Spaniels, and Collies
  • Strong, durable rubber withstands tough chewers
  • Delicious beef and gravy flavour infused throughout
  • Unique nubs help clean teeth and massage gums
  • Perfect for solo chewing, fetch, tug-of-war, and more
  • Promotes dental health and mental stimulation

Don’t let your medium dog’s chewing turn into destructive behaviour. Give them the satisfying, safe, and fun alternative they deserve with the Nylabone Beef with Gravy Strong Rubber Bone – Medium! Order yours today and watch their tail wag with delight!

Remember, a happy pup is a healthy pup, and a Nylabone Strong Rubber Bone is the perfect way to keep them both!
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