Nylabone Bacon Puppy Pacifier Chew

  • Nylabone
  • Soothes teething pain with gentle texture & nubs.
  • Delicious bacon flavour keeps X-small pups engaged.
  • Discourages furniture chewing & promotes good habits.
  • Cleans teeth & prevents tartar with mini toothbrush action.
  • Reduces boredom & anxiety with engaging chew toy.
  • Strengthens jaw muscles for healthy development.

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Soothe Soothing and Save Your Shoes: The Nylabone Bacon Puppy Pacifier Chew for Your X-Small Pup!

Is your tiny terror turning your furniture into chew toys? Teething woes got your x-small puppy bouncing off the walls (and onto your precious belongings)? Say goodbye to shredded slippers and hello to blissful peace with the Nylabone Bacon Puppy Pacifier Chew, specially designed for the unique needs of extra-small puppies!

More Than Just a Chew Toy, It’s a Teething Soother:

This bacon-flavoured wonder is made with a softer, flexible material that’s gentle on your pup’s delicate teeth and gums, unlike those hard bones that can cause damage. The unique nubbed texture provides soothing relief during teething, while the irresistible bacon flavour keeps your little chewer happily engaged. Think of it as a teething pacifier combined with a fun, safe chew toy – all in one!

Perfect for X-Small Pups:

Sized just  right for puppies up to 7 kg (15 lbs), the Nylabone Bacon Puppy Pacifier Chew is the perfect boredom buster and furniture saver for your pint-sized pal. It’s small enough for them to comfortably hold and manipulate, yet sturdy enough to withstand even the most enthusiastic chewing.

Benefits Beyond Teething Relief:
  • Promotes healthy chewing habits: This chew toy discourages destructive chewing on your belongings, teaching your puppy what’s okay to chomp on.
  • Supports good dental hygiene: The raised nubs act like a mini toothbrush, helping to clean teeth and prevent tartar buildup.
  • Reduces boredom and anxiety: Chewing is a natural behavior that helps relieve stress and keep your pup mentally stimulated.
  • Strengthens jaw muscles: Chewing helps develop strong jaw muscles, which are essential for proper development and future dental health.
Give Your X-Small Pup the Gift of Happiness (and Save Your Sanity):

Invest in your x-small puppy’s well-being and your own peace of mind with the Nylabone Bacon Puppy Pacifier Chew. It’s the perfect solution for teething woes, boredom, and destructive chewing, all while promoting good dental hygiene and healthy chewing habits. Soothe your pup’s discomfort, protect your furniture, and watch your little furball chomp his way to contentment with this must-have chew toy!

Remember: Choose the appropriate size chew toy for your puppy and supervise playtime to ensure safe chewing. Don’t let your x-small puppy swallow large pieces, and replace the chew toy when it becomes worn or damaged.

Ideal for x-small dogs up to 7kg

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