Natures Menu Chicken for Kittens

  • Natures Menu
  • Real chicken 1st ingredient for healthy growth & taste.
  • Smaller kibble for tiny teeth & easy digestion.
  • Packed with calcium & taurine for strong bones & vision.
  • Sustained energy for playful adventures & exploration.
  • Natural, vet-approved recipe, free from nasties.
  • Responsible sourcing for a purrfectly happy kitten.

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Unleash the Power of Nature: Fuel Purrfect Growth with Natures Menu Chicken for Kittens

Calling all curious paws and playful pounces! Are you welcoming a tiny tiger into your home, ready to fill your life with endless cuddles and boundless energy? Natures Menu Chicken for Kittens offers the purrfect start to their grand adventure, providing the delicious and nutritious foundation they need to thrive.

Fueling Tiny Bodies, Big Dreams: Crafted with real, succulent chicken as the first ingredient, Natures Menu Kitten Food is packed with high-quality protein to support your little explorer’s rapid growth and development. But it’s not just about muscle power – this irresistible recipe also boasts essential vitamins and minerals for strong bones, healthy teeth, and a sparkling coat.

Tailored for Tiny Tummies: Unlike adult cat food, Natures Menu Kitten Food is specially formulated for delicate digestive systems. Smaller kibble pieces are easy to chew and swallow, while prebiotics and natural fibers promote gut health and smooth digestion. Say goodbye to messy surprises and hello to happy tummies and playful energy!

More Than Just Food, It’s a Recipe for Joy: Mealtimes are more than just sustenance for your growing furball – they’re a chance to bond and create cherished memories. Natures Menu Kitten Food’s enticing aroma and mouthwatering taste will have your little gourmand eagerly awaiting each bowl, turning mealtimes into moments of pure joy for both of you.

Unlocking the Power of Nature: We believe in harnessing the goodness nature provides for optimal feline health. That’s why our kitten food is free from artificial colours, flavours, and preservatives. Instead, we rely on the natural power of high-quality ingredients to nurture your kitten’s well-being, inside and out.

Give Them the Gift of a Healthy Start: With Natures Menu Kitten Food, you’re not just feeding your feline friend, you’re investing in their future health and happiness. Watch them blossom into healthy, confident cats, ready to tackle life’s adventures with boundless energy and purrfect zest. So, choose the food that nature intended, choose Natures Menu Kitten Food – the foundation for a lifetime of purrfect health and happiness.

Remember, Natures Menu Kitten Food is the delicious and nutritious choice for your growing feline friend, offering kitten food that fuels their bodies, nourishes their minds, and unlocks their playful potential. So, start their journey right and give them the gift of nature’s goodness with Natures Menu Kitten Food today!


Chicken* (70%), chicken broth (29.2%), minerals (0.8%).
*Natural ingredients.

  • Size 85g x 18
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