Moderna Smart Cat Loo

  • Moderna Pet
  • Clean & Odour-free: Sealed design traps odours & dust for a healthier home.
  • Multi-cat friendly: Spacious design for happy feline families.
  • Premium litter compatible: Choose your cat’s favourite brand.
  • Modern & stylish: Blends seamlessly into your home décor.
  • Hygienic & convenient: Elevate your cat’s litter experience & yours.

Introducing the Moderna Smart Cat Loo: Revolutionize Your Cat’s Litter Experience

Say goodbye to the days of scooping smelly litter boxes and hello to a cleaner, healthier, and more convenient cat ownership experience with the Moderna Smart Cat Loo. This innovative product isn’t just a litter box; it’s a complete cat litter management system designed to elevate your feline friend’s hygiene and your overall satisfaction.

Revolutionize Your Cat’s Litter Habits:
  • Effortless Litter Cleaning: Experience the magic of automatic cleaning with the Moderna Smart Cat Loo. No more scooping, no more odours, just clean litter always available for your cat. The litter box automatically sifts waste after each use, depositing it in a sealed waste compartment, leaving your cat with a fresh litter tray every time.
Embrace a Healthier Environment:
  • Reduced Dust and Odours: The enclosed design and automatic cleaning minimize dust and litter scatter, keeping your home cleaner and healthier for both you and your cat. Additionally, the sealed waste compartment traps odours, preventing them from permeating your living space.
Unmatched Convenience:
  • Multiple Cat Friendly: Accommodate multiple feline companions with the spacious design of the Moderna Smart Cat Loo. The large litter capacity and automatic cleaning system ensure a clean and hygienic environment for all your cats.

Invest in Superior Cat Litter Management:
  • Premium Cat Litter Compatibility: The Smart Cat Loo is compatible with a wide range of clumping cat litter brands, allowing you to choose the litter that best suits your cat’s needs and preferences.

  • Modern and Sleek Design: The aesthetically pleasing design of the Smart Cat Loo seamlessly blends into your home decor, eliminating the eyesore of traditional litter boxes.

Upgrade your cat’s litter experience and embrace a cleaner, healthier, and more convenient lifestyle with the Smart Cat Loo. Invest in a cat litter solution that prioritizes both your cat’s well-being and your own comfort.
Remember, with the Moderna Smart Cat Loo, you’re not just buying a litter box; you’re investing in a smarter, cleaner, and more enjoyable cat ownership experience.

Available colours: Aquarelle, Spicy Coral

Size: L 54.5 x W 39.1 x H 40.3 cm

Weight N/A

Spicy Coral, Aquarelle


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