Moderna Maryloo with Rim

  • Moderna
  • No more mess: Traps litter spills, keeping floors clean.
  • Fresher home: Eliminates litter box odors.
  • Modern & sustainable: Stylish, eco-friendly design.
  • Easy cleaning: Removable rim for effortless maintenance.
  • Cat-approved: Spacious & comfortable interior.
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Say Goodbye to Litter Woes with the Sleek and Sustainable Moderna Maryloo with Rim

Tired of the endless battle against messy cat litter? Does your furry friend’s bathroom business leave your home smelling less than purrfect? Enter the Moderna Maryloo with Rim, the revolutionary litter box designed to elevate your cat’s hygiene habits and your household harmony. This stylish and sustainable solution takes cat litter management to a whole new level, making both you and your feline companion rejoice.

Embrace a Cleaner, Fresher Home:

The Maryloo with Rim stands apart with its innovative design, featuring a high-backed rim that effectively traps messy litter spills. No more scattered granules trailing across your floors or clinging to your pet’s paws. This innovative barrier keeps cat litter where it belongs, minimizing tracking and ensuring a cleaner, more hygienic environment for everyone.

Say Goodbye to Litter Box Odours:

The days of holding your breath when passing by the litter box are over. The Maryloo with Rim boasts a sleek, closed design that effectively traps unpleasant odors, keeping your home smelling fresh and inviting. You and your beloved cat can finally share your space without the constant reminder of their bathroom habits.

Modern Design Meets Sustainability:

The Maryloo with Rim is not just functional, it’s also aesthetically pleasing. Its modern, minimalist design seamlessly blends into any home décor, unlike the unsightly plastic eyesores typically associated with litter boxes. Plus, it’s crafted from over 98% recycled premium plastics, making it an eco-conscious choice that aligns with your green values.

Convenience and Comfort:

The Maryloo with Rim prioritizes both your and your cat’s comfort. The easily removable rim allows for effortless cleaning and maintenance, while the handy grips make it portable and easy to move. Your cat will appreciate the spacious interior and rounded edges for comfortable bathroom breaks, keeping them happy and content.

Upgrade Your Cat’s Bathroom Experience:

The Moderna Maryloo with Rim is more than just a litter box; it’s a statement piece that reflects your commitment to a clean, odour-free, and stylish home environment. Invest in your cat’s well-being and your own peace of mind with this innovative solution. Say goodbye to messy litter woes and embrace a cleaner, fresher, and more harmonious home for all.

Remember, the Moderna Maryloo with Rim isn’t just a litter box, it’s a revolution in cat litter management. So, give your home and your feline friend the upgrade they deserve and experience the joy of a cleaner, fresher, and more stylish solution. Order your Maryloo with Rim today and start living life litter-free!

Available size L 502.2 x W 38.4 x H 16.1cm

Available colours Warm Grey, Spicy Coral, Aquarelle

Weight N/A

Spicy Coral, Warm Grey, Aquarelle


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