LickiMat Playdate Tuff

  • LickiMat
  • Lick away boredom: Textured treat mat for happy, relaxed pups!
  • Slow down mealtime: Promotes healthier eating & digestion.
  • Chew-resistant fun: Durable rubber for even the most enthusiastic lickers.
  • Dental delight: Cleans teeth & freshens breath while they play.
  • Dishwasher safe: Easy cleanup for busy pet parents.
  • Endless fun: Sizes & textures for all furry friends!
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Unleash Lickable Fun for Any Breed with the LickiMat Playdate Tuff!

Is your furry friend a boredom barker, a destructive chewer, or an anxiety nibbler? The LickiMat Playdate Tuff is here to change playtime for any breed of dog, from tiny Chihuahuas to majestic Great Danes! This innovative treat mat isn’t just a mealtime accessory; it’s a mental and physical enrichment game changer designed to keep your pup entertained, engaged, and relaxed.

Lickable Fun for Every Flavour Fanatic: Forget the limitations of regular dog bowls! The LickiMat Playdate Tuff’s unique textured surface caters to any breed’s tongue, big or small. Spread peanut butter, yogurt, wet food, mashed bananas, or even your dog’s kibble onto the mat’s intricate ridges and grooves, and watch their tongues work their magic! The licking action promotes slower, healthier eating, preventing gulping and indigestion.

Boredom Buster for Busy Brains: Whether you’re a busy pet parent or simply want to enrich your dog’s day, the LickiMat Playdate Tuff is the ultimate boredom buster. The enticing textures and tasty treats work together to stimulate your dog’s senses and keep their minds occupied. No more whining at the door or frantic pacing – your pup will be happily licking away, reducing stress and anxiety while satisfying their natural foraging instincts.

Tuff Enough for the Toughest Chew Crew: Don’t let delicate toys hold your playful pup back! The LickiMat Playdate Tuff is built with a food-grade, non-toxic rubber that’s tough enough to withstand even the most enthusiastic lickers and nibblers. This chew-resistant wonder keeps your furniture and shoes safe while providing your dog with a satisfying outlet for their natural chewing tendencies.

Playdate Perks for Every Pup: The LickiMat Playdate Tuff’s benefits go beyond fun and games. The licking action helps promote dental health by scraping away food particles and plaque, while the slow, focused eating can improve digestion and reduce bloating. It’s even a calming tool, encouraging relaxation and soothing anxiety by triggering endorphin release.

Unleash the Playdate Potential: So ditch the dull dog bowls and let the LickiMat Playdate Tuff unleash a world of licking, slurping, and fun for any breed of dog! It’s the perfect boredom buster, anxiety soother, and interactive treat dispenser all in one. Fill it up, stick it down, and watch your pup’s tail wag with pure lickable delight!

Order your LickiMat Playdate Tuff today and give your furry friend the gift of endless licking fun!

Available size 20 x 20 cm

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Turquoise, Red


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