LickiMat Playdate Buddy Turquoise

  • LickiMat
  • Slow Feeder: Spread treats & watch pups savour, licking away boredom & promoting healthy digestion.
  • Boredom Buster: Keep curious minds engaged with the textured maze, reducing anxiety & destructive behaviour.
  • Dental Delight: Gently scrape away plaque & massage gums with every lick, leading to sparkling smiles.
  • Bonding Buddy: Turn mealtime into playtime! Share the fun & strengthen your furry friendship.
  • Versatility Unleashed: Perfect for any breed or size, from tiny terriers to majestic Mastiffs!

Easy Clean-Up: Dishwasher-safe for a breeze post-meal!

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Unleash the Fun & Flavour: LickiMat Playdate Buddy Turquoise – Engage Any Breed of Dog!

Tired of mealtime mayhem? Does your furry friend inhale their kibble in seconds flat? Introducing the LickiMat Playdate Buddy Turquoise, the boredom-busting, treat-tantalizing solution for any breed of dog! This ingenious mat transforms mealtime into a stimulating adventure, keeping your pup entertained and engaged while promoting healthy eating habits.

Say goodbye to the gulping frenzy and hello to a lick-tastic good time! The playful cross-maze design of the LickiMat Playdate Buddy Turquoise is specially crafted to tempt the tongues of all breeds, from tiny terriers to majestic Mastiffs. Spread your pup’s favourite spreadable treats – peanut butter, yogurt, pumpkin puree, even wet food – across the textured surface and watch as they happily explore, lick, and savor every delicious morsel.

But the fun doesn’t stop at flavour! The LickiMat Playdate Buddy Turquoise offers a wealth of benefits for any breed of dog:
  • Slows down mealtime: By forcing your dog to work for their treats, the LickiMat helps prevent gulping and promotes healthy digestion. This is especially beneficial for fast eaters and pups prone to digestive issues.
  • Reduces boredom and anxiety: Licking is a soothing and calming activity for dogs, releasing endorphins and promoting relaxation. The Playdate Buddy Turquoise provides a fun and engaging outlet for mental stimulation, keeping boredom and destructive behavior at bay.
  • Improves dental hygiene: The textured surface of the LickiMat gently scrapes away food particles and plaque, helping to keep your dog’s teeth clean and gums healthy.
  • Strengthens the bond with you: Sharing mealtime with your furry friend is a special experience. The LickiMat Playdate Buddy turns mealtime into a fun and interactive bonding activity, strengthening the connection between you and your pup.

Made from non-toxic, food-grade materials, the LickiMat Playdate Buddy  is safe for all breeds and dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning. It’s the perfect addition to your dog’s mealtime routine, no matter their size, breed, or personality.

So ditch the boring bowl and unleash the fun with the LickiMat Playdate Buddy! Order yours today and watch your dog’s tail wag with excitement as they discover the joy of licking, exploring, and savouring every delicious bite.

Remember, the LickiMat Playdate Buddy Turquoise is the perfect mealtime companion for any breed of dog. Get ready for a lick-tastic adventure!

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