LickiMat Classic Soother

  • LickiMat
  • Soothe anxiety & stress with calming endorphins
  • Slows gulping, aids digestion & freshens breath
  • Fun & engaging, fights boredom & keeps pups busy
  • Safe for all dogs, easy clean & dishwasher-safe
  • Size 20 x 20 cm and 30 x 25cm
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Unleash Serenity for Any Dog with the LickiMat Classic Soother: Lick Away Boredom, Boost Calm, and Satisfy Cravings

Does your fur-ever friend get restless? Do chewed furniture legs and frantic pacing become your unwelcome daily routine? Say goodbye to doggy doldrums and hello to the LickiMat Classic Soother – the ultimate boredom buster and anxiety antidote for any dog, big or small!

This ingenious mat, inspired by a dog’s natural licking instinct, transforms mealtime and leisure moments into blissful experiences. Forget boring bowls and scattered treats – the LickiMat’s textured surface becomes a captivating playground for your pup’s tongue. Spread their favourite peanut butter, yogurt, pate, or even mashed veggies onto the ridges, and watch them embark on a delicious adventure, patiently scooping up every morsel.

Soothe the Anxious Soul: More than just a treat dispenser, the LickiMat Classic Soother works wonders on even the most stressed-out furry companions. The repetitive licking action triggers the release of endorphins, nature’s feel-good chemicals, promoting a sense of relaxation and contentment. Whether it’s fireworks, bath time, or separation anxiety, the LickiMat acts as a calming oasis, offering comfort and security in any situation.

Boredom Be Gone: Say goodbye to destructive chewers and restless pups pacing the walls. The LickiMat Classic Soother is a mental and physical stimulation powerhouse. As your dog meticulously licks their treat, they engage their brain and senses, keeping boredom at bay and promoting healthy focus. It’s like a spa day for the mind, leaving your pup feeling content and relaxed.

Slow Down & Savour: Forget the gulping and gobbling! The LickiMat’s textured surface turns even the fastest eater into a methodical gourmet. Slowing down mealtime not only improves digestion and reduces bloating, but also enhances your dog’s enjoyment of their food. Every lick becomes a mindful moment, allowing them to truly savour every delicious bite.

Dental Delight: While your dog licks away, the LickiMat’s textured surface gently massages their gums and scrapes away food particles, promoting fresher breath and better oral hygiene. It’s like a built-in toothbrush, working its magic with every tasty lick.

The LickiMat Classic Soother:
  • For any dog, regardless of breed or size
  • Combats boredom and anxiety
  • Promotes calm and relaxation
  • Slows down eating and improves digestion
  • Freshens breath and supports oral hygiene
  • Made with food-grade, dishwasher-safe silicone

So, ditch the dog-gone doldrums and unleash a world of serenity with the LickiMat Classic Soother. Watch your furry friend transform from a stressed-out pup to a contented canine, one delicious lick at a time.

Order your LickiMat Classic Soother today and give your dog the gift of calm, fun, and delicious licking bliss!

Available Size Medium (20 x 20 cm) and XLarge (30 x 25cm)

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Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Turquoise


Medium, XLarge


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