KONG Wobbler

  • KONG
  • Treat dispenser: Load with kibble, treats, or KONG Snacks for hours of yummy fun!
  • Brain & body boost: Unpredictable wobble keeps pups engaged, mentally stimulated, and physically active.
  • Adjustable difficulty: Tighten or loosen the opening for perfect treat flow, challenging for experts, fun for beginners.
  • Tough & safe: KONG-strong rubber withstands even the most determined chewers. Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning!
  • All sizes welcome! Choose the perfect Wobbler for your small, medium, or large breed pup.
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Unleash the Wobble of Wow: KONG Wobbler – Small to Large Pup’s Treat-Dispensing Dream

Is your little rascal a snack-seeking rocket or your gentle giant a kibble connoisseur? No matter their size, the KONG Wobbler is about to become their new favourite obsession! This ingenious treat dispenser isn’t just food – it’s an interactive adventure, a mental challenge, and a delicious reward, all rolled into one drool-worthy toy.

Small pups to big boofers, the KONG Wobbler caters to every canine appetite. Load it up with kibble, treats, or even Kong Snacks (hint: they fit perfectly!), then watch the fun begin. As your furry friend nudges, paws, and bats at the Wobbler, tasty morsels tumble out, keeping them entertained for hours. No more separation anxiety blues, boredom barking, or destructive chewing – just healthy kibble dispensing playtime that both you and your pup can enjoy.

But the KONG Wobbler’s magic goes beyond treats. This durable, non-toxic rubber toy is designed to withstand even the most enthusiastic chewers. The unpredictable wobble keeps your dog’s mind engaged, stimulating their natural problem-solving instincts and providing much-needed mental exercise. It’s like doggy day care in a toy, promoting mental well-being and keeping those mischievous paws occupied.

Here’s why the KONG Wobbler is the ultimate treat-dispensing delight for small to large breeds:
  • Adjustable difficulty: Control the flow of treats by tightening or loosening the internal opening. Easy for pups just starting out, challenging enough for seasoned treat-retrieving pros.
  • Unpredictable fun: The wobble keeps your dog guessing, extending playtime and preventing boredom. It’s like a never-ending treat treasure hunt!
  • Durable and safe: Made with KONG’s legendary toughness, the Wobbler stands up to even the most determined gnawers. Plus, it’s non-toxic and dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.
  • Mental and physical stimulation: The KONG Wobbler engages your dog’s mind and body, promoting healthy play and preventing destructive behaviours.
  • Perfect for all sizes: Whether you have a pint-sized pocket rocket or a gentle giant with a bottomless pit, there’s a KONG Wobbler size just right for them.
Ready to unleash the wobble of wow and watch your pup’s tail wag with delight? Grab a KONG Wobbler today and let the treat-dispensing fun begin!

Remember: KONG Wobbler comes in different sizes to cater to small, medium, and large breeds. Choose the one that’s right for your dog’s size and appetite to ensure optimal treat-tastic fun!

With the KONG Wobbler, you’re not just giving your dog a toy, you’re giving them an adventure, a challenge, and a delicious reward for being their amazing, playful selves. So, what are you waiting for? Unleash the wobble of wow today!

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