KONG Twistz Ring

  • KONG
  • Tailor-Made for Tiny Tummies: Perfectly sized for small mouths and ideal for portion control.
  • Boredom Buster: Provides hours of fun and mental stimulation, keeping your dog occupied and happy.
  • Durable Delight: Made with KONG’s tough-as-nails material for long-lasting playtime.
  • Bonding Buddy: Strengthens the bond between you and your furry friend through interactive playtime.
  • Portable Playtime: Perfect for keeping your dog entertained at home or on-the-go.

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Unleash Twists of Delicious Fun: KONG Twistz Ring – Small Breed Bliss!

Is your pint-sized pup purring with boredom? Are those tiny teeth gnawing on everything but their chew toys? Prepare to say goodbye to shoe-icide and hello to tail-wagging delight with the KONG Twistz Ring for small breeds!

Small enough for even the most petite paws to grasp, the KONG Ring is crafted from a durable, yet flexible rubber that’s gentle on gums but tough enough to withstand hours of happy chomping. But the fun doesn’t stop there!

KONG Twistz Ring: Small Breed Features, Big Breed Fun:
  • Twist, lick, conquer: The fun doesn’t end with simply stuffing the ring. Those clever channels twist and turn, making your pup work for his delicious reward. It’s mental stimulation disguised as playtime, keeping boredom at bay and those sharp minds active.
  • Small size, big smiles: Perfectly sized for little jaws, the KONG Ring provides hours of safe and satisfying chewing that promotes dental health and prevents boredom-induced mischief. Say hello to less shoe-nibbling and more tail-wagging!
  • Durable goodness: Made with KONG’s legendary toughness, the Twistz Ring can withstand even the most determined gnawing. This isn’t your average chew toy – it’s an investment in your pup’s happiness and long-lasting playtime.

KONG Twistz Ring is a portal to a world of small breed fun! Watch your pup’s eyes light up as they twist and turn, lick and gnaw. It’s a symphony of happy yaps, wagging tails, and drool-worthy satisfaction. So ditch the dull and unleash the Twistz! Your tiny champion deserves it.

Order your KONG Twistz  today and watch the small breed bliss unfold!
Remember, the KONG Twistz Ring is specially designed for small breeds. Not suitable for large or aggressive dogs.

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