KONG Squeeze Geodz

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  • Spark curiosity: Textured surface ignites natural instincts in ALL breeds.
  • Fetch frenzy: Unpredictable bounce fuels endless games for every pup.
  • Squeak & roll: Built-in sounds turn chomps into playtime symphonies.
  • Durable champs: Tough materials for gentle nibblers & determined chompers.
  • Double the fun: Two toys for solo adventures or shared squeaky joy.

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Unleash the Playful Geode in Every Dog with KONG Squeeze Geodz!

No matter the tail wagger, big or small, the KONG Squeeze Geodz are here to unlock a universe of playtime fun for any breed of dog. This dynamic duo of squeaky, bouncy spheres isn’t just a toy – it’s an invitation to adventure, a gateway to giggles, and a chew-tastic challenge all rolled into one.

Unleash the Inner Hunter:
  • Spark curiosity: The unique, textured surface of the KONG Squeeze mimics the intriguing feel of rocks, igniting natural instincts to explore and investigate in dogs of all sizes and breeds. Watch those ears perk up and tails wag with anticipation as they sniff out the playful potential within these geode spheres.
Fuel Fetching Frenzy:
  • Get those paws pumping: The unpredictable bounce of the KONG Squeeze sends pups of all breeds chasing after endless games of fetch. Whether it’s a gentle Labrador retriever or a sprightly Jack Russell Terrier, these bouncy balls will have them leaping, lunging, and living their best playful lives.
Squeak, Rattle, and Roll:
  • Sound the playtime alarm: The built-in squeaker and rattle combo in each KONG Geodz is an irresistible siren song for every kind of canine. From soft whimpers of excitement to joyful barks of victory, these toys turn playtime into a symphony of doggy delight.
Durable Fun for Every Chew Champion:
  • Built to last: KONG knows pups come in all shapes and chewing styles, so they’ve crafted the Squeeze Geodz with durable, non-toxic materials that stand up to even the most enthusiastic gnawing. Whether you have a gentle nibbler or a determined chomper, these geode spheres can handle the playtime heat.
Double the Fun, Double the Geode Goodness:
  • Twice the playtime, twice the smiles: Each pack comes with two KONG Squeeze Geodz, so your furry friend can play solo or share the geode goodness with a canine companion. Double the squeaks, double the bounces, double the tail wags – it’s playtime multiplication at its finest!
So, unleash the playful geode in your dog today with KONG Squeeze Geodz! Watch boredom crumble, unleash happy chomps and playful pounces, and discover a world of fun that’s perfect for every breed of dog. Get ready for playtime that’s out of this world!
Remember, KONG Squeeze Geodz: Unleashing playful geode goodness for dogs of all sizes and breeds!

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