KONG Snuzzles Bunny

  • KONG
  • Cuddle Comfort: Ultra-soft plush perfect for snuggles and naptime cuddles.
  • Squeak Symphony: Full-body squeaker rewards playful bites with joyful sounds.
  • Durable Delight: Dense construction stands up to chewing, keeping boredom at bay.
  • Flat & Fun: Easy for small paws to grab and control for tug-of-war, fetch, or solo play.
  • Compact Cutie: Fits in goody bags for on-the-go adventures.
  • More Than a Toy: Reduces stress, combats boredom, and fosters companionship.
  • Tail-Wagging Guarantee: Watch your pup’s joy unfold with every sniff, squeak, and snuggle.

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Unleash the Snuffles! KONG Snuzzles Bunny: Small Dog, Big Fun

For pint-sized pups with playful palates, KONG Snuzzles Bunny isn’t just a toy, it’s a sensory explosion! This irresistibly cuddly bunny bursts with fun for small to medium-breed dogs, satisfying every instinct for snuggles, squeaks, and satisfying chomps.

Snuffles of Softness: Picture floppy ears begging for gentle nips and a plush body inviting cozy cuddles. The ultra-soft fabric of the KONG Snuzzles Bunny makes it the perfect cuddle buddy for even the most timid terrier, providing comfort and security for naptime snuggles or quiet playtime.

A Squeak Symphony: But playtime with KONG Snuzzles is anything but quiet! This bunny hides a secret – a full-body squeaker that unleashes a symphony of squeaks with every playful bite. Watch your pup’s tail wag with each joyous squeal, as their natural chewing instincts are rewarded with delightful sounds.

Denser Than a Carrot Patch: Don’t worry, this bunny isn’t just for cuddles and squeaks. The KONG Snuzzles Bunny boasts a dense, durable construction that stands up to even the most enthusiastic gnawing. This satisfying mouthfeel keeps your small to medium dog entertained for hours, promoting healthy chewing habits and preventing destructive boredom.

Flat-Out Fun: Unlike other plush toys that roll away in frustration, the KONG Snuzzles unique flat design makes it easy for little paws to grab and control. Tug-of-war, fetch, or solo snuggles – the possibilities are endless! Its compact size is also perfect for stashing in a goody bag for on-the-go adventures.

More Than Just a Toy: KONG Snuzzles isn’t just a toy, it’s a gift of joy for your small to medium breed dog. It’s a stress reliever, a boredom buster, and a cuddle companion all rolled into one adorable bunny package. So ditch the drool-soaked tennis balls and give your pup the gift of the KONG Snuzzles Bunny. Watch their eyes light up with the first sniff, hear the symphony of squeaks begin, and witness the tail-wagging frenzy unfold. Let the snuffles commence!

Order your KONG Snuzzles Bunny today and get ready for a playful revolution in your pup’s world!

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