KONG Signature Stick

  • KONG
  • XL Chomps, XL Fun: Tough for big bites, squeaks & crinkles for endless play.
  • Treat Treasure: Stuff with kibble for a delicious puzzle & happy pup.
  • Boredom Buster: Chewing fun fights boredom & keeps your home safe.
  • Bonding Buddy: Fetch & play strengthen your fur-ever friendship.

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Unleash Gigantic Playtimes with the KONG Signature Stick: Built for Big Bites and Extreme Fun

Calling all giants, gentle giants, and mega-mutts! Is your large or extra-large breed dog yearning for a toy that can match their boundless energy and playful spirit? Look no further than the KONG Signature Stick, the ultimate plaything designed to unleash colossal fun for big pups.

Say goodbye to puny playthings that leave your XL companion underwhelmed and frustrated. The KONG Stick isn’t your average plush toy. It’s a heavy-duty powerhouse of playtime, crafted with a rugged exterior that can withstand the mightiest chomps and epic tug-of-war battles. This isn’t just a stick, it’s a challenge, an invitation to conquer boredom and unleash those primal instincts in the most satisfying way possible.

But the KONG Signature Stick isn’t just about tough love. Inside that durable shell lies a soft, plushy core, gentle on even the most sensitive gums. And the fun doesn’t stop there! This innovative toy boasts a symphony of squeaks, crinkles, and honks, keeping your furry friend engaged and entertained for hours on end. Picture the scene: your giant pup proudly prancing around with their KONG Signature Stick, a symphony of squeaks erupting with every playful chomp, their tail wagging with the force of a hurricane. Pure joy, for both of you.

Think bigger, play bigger. The KONG Stick comes in an XL size, perfectly proportioned for large and extra-large breeds, ensuring comfortable chewing and maximum fun. Plus, its unique shape is designed for easy grabbing and tossing, perfect for interactive fetch sessions that’ll have your four-legged friend leaping, bounding, and living their best life.

But the KONG Signature Stick isn’t just about epic playtime, it’s about wellbeing. This versatile toy promotes healthy chewing behaviors, helping to combat boredom and destructive tendencies. It can even be stuffed with treats or kibble, turning playtime into a delicious puzzle, stimulating your dog’s mind and keeping them occupied for even longer.

So, ditch the tiny tennis balls and flimsy squeaky toys. Give your large or extra-large breed the toy they deserve – a KONG Stick. It’s more than just a plaything, it’s a gateway to a world of gigantic playtime, boundless joy, and a bond that’s as strong as a KONG itself.

Ready to unleash the fun? Get your KONG Signature Stick today!

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