KONG Shakers Shimmy Seagull

  • KONG
  • Floppy Wings: Satisfy hunting instincts with playful, tossable wings.
  • Shimmer & Plush: Keep noses and paws busy with unique textures.
  • Squeak & Crackle: Hidden surprises spark endless games of fetch.
  • Tough & Durable: Built for backyard battles and indoor snuggles.
  • Small & Mighty: Perfect size for happy tail wags in smaller pups.

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Unleash the Inner Seagull with KONG Shakers Shimmy Seagull: Small Dog Toy for Big Fun!

Ahoy, mateys! Get ready for hours of tail-wagging fun with the KONG Shakers Shimmy Seagull, a squeaky, crinkly, and oh-so-shimmery toy designed to send your small or medium breed dog into a tailspin of delight. This seagull isn’t just beach fodder – it’s a sensory feast for your furry friend!

Giant Floppy Wings for Instinctual Thrashing: Remember how seagulls playfully dance in the wind? The KONG Shakers Shimmy Seagull captures that spirit with its oversized, floppy wings that beg to be batted, tossed, and shaken. Let your pup’s natural hunting instincts run wild as they unleash their inner seabird, sending the Shimmy Seagull soaring through the air with gleeful abandon.

Shimmery, Plush Textures for Non-Stop Nudging: This isn’t your average stuffed gull. The Shimmy Seagull boasts a captivating combination of plush and shimmering textures that keep your dog’s paws and noses constantly engaged. From the soft underbelly perfect for snuggles to the iridescent scales that beg to be investigated, every inch of this toy is an invitation to play.

Squeak & Crackle Shenanigans for Maximum Excitement: No seagull is complete without a squawk, and the Shimmy Seagull doesn’t disappoint! Hidden within its feathery form lies a low-tone squeaker that lets out a playful “caw” with every chomp and shake. Plus, the crinkly material throughout the body adds an extra layer of intrigue, keeping your dog’s senses on high alert and their tails wagging furiously.

Durable and Long-Lasting for Endless Adventures: Just like a real seagull weathers the storm, the Shimmy Seagull is built to endure even the most enthusiastic play sessions. Constructed with KONG’s legendary toughness, this toy is ready to withstand hours of tossing, tugging, and playful mayhem. So, whether your pup prefers indoor cuddles or backyard battles, the Shimmy Seagull is a faithful companion through it all.

Unleash the Shimmies, Shake the Snuggles, and Set Sail for Endless Fun: The KONG Shakers Shimmy Seagull isn’t just a toy; it’s an invitation to a world of playful adventures. Watch your small or medium dog transform into a feathered frenzy, chasing after the Shimmy Seagull, cuddling its plush belly, and erupting in joyous squeaks. So, grab your pup’s leash, head to the park, and let the seagull shenanigans begin!

Order your KONG Shakers Shimmy Seagull today and let the nautical fun commence!

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