KONG Shakers Shimmy Crab

  • KONG
  • Floppy claws & shimmery scales for shake-tastic play
  • Crackle & squeaks ignite sensory thrills ✨
  • Low-tone tunes for small-dog smiles
  • KONG tough: built for playful pounces
  • Unleash healthy instincts & wagging tails

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Unleash the Inner Sea Beast: KONG Shakers Shimmy Crab for Small & Medium Dogs

Calling all small and medium sized adventurers! Get ready to dive into a frenzy of fun with the KONG Shakers Shimmy Crab, the interactive dog toy that’s as irresistible as the tide rolling in. This isn’t your average plush crab – it’s a shimmery, shake-tastic siren song for curious canine noses and playful paws.

Shimmy, Shake, Satisfy: KONG Shakers Shimmy Crab is designed with your smaller, active buddy in mind. Its floppy, oversized claws aren’t just adorable – they’re prime targets for instinctual shaking and thrashing. Picture this: your terrier, pirate hat optional, going berserk with this nautical nemesis, sending shimmers flying with every joyful tug and toss.

Textures that Thrill: Forget the same-old plush! This crab boasts a captivating combo of plushy softness and faux leather accents, keeping your pup’s senses on high alert. The velvety claws beg to be gripped, while the shimmery scales add a touch of ocean-inspired magic. And let’s not forget the crackle and crinkle hidden within – every shake unleashes a symphony of irresistible sounds, driving the playtime frenzy even further.

Low-Tone Tunes for Big Fun: The KONG Shakers Crab isn’t just about the shimmies, it’s about the squeaks too! This clever crab houses a low-tone squeaker, designed to be just right for smaller ears. Every playful pounce and determined shake will unleash a satisfyingly deep squeak, turning fetch into a symphony of tail wags and happy barks.

Durable Delight: Don’t underestimate the might of this mini marvel. The KONG Shimmy Crab is crafted with KONG’s legendary toughness, built to withstand even the most enthusiastic cuddles and chomps. Whether your pup prefers gentle nudges or full-on wrestling matches, this crab is ready to weather the storm of playtime.

More Than Just a Toy: The KONG Shakers Shimmy Crab is more than just a squeaky plush – it’s a portal to hours of healthy, stimulating fun. It encourages natural play behaviours like shaking, tossing, and fetching, keeping your small or medium dog active and engaged. Plus, the engaging textures and captivating squeaks offer mental stimulation, making playtime a treat for both body and brain.

So, unleash the inner sea beast in your small or medium sized pup with the KONG Shakers Shimmy Crab. Watch those tails wag, hear those joyous squeaks, and witness the pure, unadulterated fun that unfolds as your furry friend becomes master of the Shimmy Crab’s shimmering seas. Get ready to dive into a world of playful possibilities – the ocean of fun awaits!
Remember: The KONG Shakers Shimmy Crab is specifically designed for small and medium sized dogs. Always choose the right size toy for your pet to ensure safe and fun playtime.

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