KONG Shakers Crumples Bunny

  • KONG
  • Jumbo-sized: Ideal for X-Large breeds for grabbing, shaking & tugging.
  • Multi-textured: Enticing plush, crackly arms & squeaky feet for extended play.
  • Durable Fun: Built tough for X-Large dogs with reinforced stitching.
  • Reduces Boredom: Keeps them mentally & physically stimulated.

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Unleash Gigantic Fun: KONG Shakers Crumples Bunny for X-Large Breed Dogs

Looking for a toy that can keep up with your energetic X-Large breed dog? Look no further than the KONG Shakers Crumples Bunny! This jumbo-sized plush toy is specifically designed to satisfy the play instincts of even the biggest canine companions.

Supersize Fun for X-Large Breeds:

The KONG Shakers Bunny isn’t your average stuffed animal. Forget flimsy plushies that get shredded in minutes – this bunny is built for X-Large breed durability. Its jumbo size provides ample room for grabbing, shaking, and tugging, while the thin arms and legs make it easy for even giant paws to grip.

Multiple Textures Keep Playtime Interesting:

The KONG Shakers Crumples Bunny isn’t just big, it’s also bursting with exciting textures to keep your X-Large dog engaged. The long, floppy body is perfect for satisfying shaking instincts, while the unique, soft plush invites snuggles and cuddles. But the fun doesn’t stop there! The bunny features:

  • A grunting body squeaker: This built-in noisemaker adds another layer of excitement to playtime, enticing your dog to keep shaking and batting at the bunny.
  • Crackly arms: The crinkly sound adds another dimension to play, mimicking the sound of prey and encouraging natural hunting instincts.
  • Squeaky feet: Every playful pounce and tug gets rewarded with a satisfying squeak, keeping your dog coming back for more.
More Than Just a Toy:

The KONG Shakers Crumples Bunny isn’t just a fun toy, it can also help promote healthy play habits in your X-Large dog. The various textures and sounds engage your dog’s senses, helping to combat boredom and destructive chewing. Additionally, the jumbo size provides a great outlet for their natural shaking and tugging instincts, keeping them mentally and physically stimulated.

Long-Lasting Fun for Your X-Large Friend:

The KONG Shakers Crumples Bunny is made with durable materials that can withstand even the most enthusiastic X-Large breed players. The reinforced stitching helps prevent rips and tears, while the high-quality plush is gentle on your dog’s teeth and gums. So, you can rest assured that this oversized bunny will provide months of enjoyment for your furry giant.

So, ditch the wimpy toys and give your X-Large dog the ultimate playtime experience with the KONG Shakers Crumples Bunny! With its jumbo size, multiple textures, and engaging sounds, this X-Large breed toy is sure to become your dog’s new favourite cuddle companion and playmate.

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