KONG Flingaroo Caterpillar

  • KONG
  • Fling & Fetch: Built-in ring for throwing fun & hunting instinct.
  • Textured Play: Plush, crinkle & knots for sensory fun.
  • Scratching: Durable plush & string tail for redirected scratching.
  • Solo or Multi-Cat: Entertains single felines or sparks playful competition.
  • Durable: High-quality materials for long-lasting play.

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Unleash Feline Frenzy with the KONG Flingaroo Caterpillar Cat Toy!

Engage your kitty’s natural hunting instincts and supercharge playtime with the KONG Flingaroo Caterpillar, the ultimate interactive toy designed to entertain and entice. This vibrant, multi-textured plush toy is packed with features that will keep your feline friend captivated for hours.

Built-in Fling Ring for Epic Fetching Fun:

The KONG Flingaroo isn’t your average plush toy. Attached to its head is a durable, built-in fling ring, making it the purrfect choice for interactive play sessions. Simply grab the ring and launch the Flingaroo Caterpillar across the room, igniting your cat’s inner hunter and encouraging them to chase, pounce, and bat with ferocious glee. The fling ring also makes for easy retrieval, allowing you to keep the playtime energy high without breaking a sweat.

Multiple Textures for Intriguing Exploration:

The KONG Flingaroo Caterpillar isn’t just about fetching fun; it’s a sensory playground for your curious cat. The soft, plush body is perfect for cuddling and nuzzling, while the crinkly wings and knotted tail add an extra layer of intrigue that will pique your feline friend’s interest. The combination of textures provides a stimulating experience, keeping your cat engaged and entertained.

Satisfies Scratching Instincts:

Cats have an innate need to scratch, and the KONG Flingaroo Caterpillar caters to this natural behavior. The dangling string tail is irresistible to swat and pounce on, while the durable plush body allows for appropriate scratching without damaging furniture. This built-in scratching element helps redirect destructive behaviors and keeps your cat’s claws healthy and trim.

Ideal for Solo or Multi-Cat Play:

Whether you have a single feline companion or a multi-cat household, the KONG Flingaroo Caterpillar is a fantastic choice. The engaging design and interactive features provide endless entertainment for solo play, keeping your cat occupied and mentally stimulated. In a multi-cat home, the Flingaroo Caterpillar can spark playful competition and encourage interactive games between feline friends.

Durable Construction for Long-lasting Fun:

The KONG Flingaroo Caterpillar is built to withstand even the most enthusiastic playtime sessions. The high-quality plush material is strong and resilient, while the reinforced stitching ensures it can handle energetic batting and playful pouncing. This means you can provide your cat with a long-lasting source of entertainment without worrying about the toy quickly falling apart.

So, if you’re looking for a way to supercharge your cat’s playtime, reduce boredom, and satisfy their natural hunting instincts, look no further than the KONG Flingaroo Caterpillar. With its interactive design, multiple textures, and durable construction, this innovative toy is sure to become your feline friend’s new favourite companion.

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