KONG Cozie Ultra Elephant

  • KONG
  • Indestructible fun: KONG Ultra-Tex for any breed’s chomps.
  • Squeaky surprises: 2 hidden squeakers ignite playful mayhem.
  • Snuggle buddy: Dense stuffing for cozy cuddles.
  • Sensory fiesta: Crinkles & plush engage every paw-sitive vibe.
  • Breed-tastic fun: Hours of play for every furry friend.
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Unleash the Inner Beast in Any Breed with the KONG Cozie Ultra Elephant Dog Toy!

Is your furry friend a playful pup, a mighty chewer, or a cuddly cuddler? No matter their breed or size, the KONG Cozie Ultra Elephant is ready to bring out the beast (in the best way possible)! This irresistible elephant isn’t just a toy; it’s a portal to hours of tail-wagging fun, designed to satisfy every dog’s natural instincts, from the most gentle sniffers to the fiercest fetchers.

Built for Every Bite:

Crafted from KONG’s exclusive Ultra-Tex fabric, the Cozie Ultra Elephant is tough enough to withstand even the most enthusiastic gnawing. The ripstop material and reinforced seams stand up to playful pounces and determined chomps, making it perfect for pups of all chewing styles. No need to worry about shredded plushies and deflated squeakers here – this elephant is built to last!

Fun Factor Fully Stuffed:

But durability isn’t the only thing the Cozie Ultra Elephant has going for it. This plush pal is packed with enticing features that will keep any dog engaged. Two hidden squeakers unleash satisfying squeals with every bite, triggering your pup’s natural hunting instincts and sending them into a tailspin of joyful squeaks. And the dense stuffing provides the perfect platform for cuddling and snuggling, making this elephant a playtime pal and a bedtime buddy all rolled into one.

A Symphony of Senses:

The Cozie Ultra Elephant isn’t just about satisfying physical urges; it’s a sensory feast for your furry friend. The crinkly fabric textures provide irresistible tactile stimulation, while the soft plush exterior invites gentle nuzzles and cuddles. Plus, the playful elephant design adds a dash of whimsy to playtime, sparking your pup’s imagination and encouraging interactive games of fetch and tug-of-war.

Unleash the Fun, Regardless of Breed:

Whether you have a tiny terror of a Chihuahua or a gentle giant of a Great Dane, the KONG Cozie Ultra Elephant is the perfect playmate. Its versatile design caters to every dog’s personality and playstyle, offering hours of entertainment and snuggles. So, unleash the inner beast in your dog and watch the joy take over with the KONG Cozie Ultra Elephant!

Get ready to witness:
  • Squeals of delight with every squeaky surprise.
  • Tails wagging at warp speed as playtime heats up.
  • Cuddles galore when naptime beckons.
  • A toy that lasts through countless adventures.

The KONG Cozie Ultra Elephant: not just a toy, it’s a gateway to a world of endless fun for any breed of dog!

Order yours today and watch the KONG Cozie Ultra Elephant become your pup’s new favorite cuddle buddy and chew champion!
Remember: The Cozie Ultra Elephant is available in both small and large sizes, so be sure to choose the perfect one for your furry friend’s size and chewing style.
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