Kong Cozie Tuggz Frog

  • KONG
  • Tug & Squeak: Rope inside for games, built-in squeaker for fun.
  • Snuggle Soft: Plush exterior for comfort & cuddles.
  • Small/Medium Breeds: Perfectly sized for easy gripping.

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Unleash the Fun with the KONG Cozie Tuggz Frog: The Perfect Squeaky Snuggle Buddy for Small and Medium Dogs!

Looking for a toy that combines satisfying tugs with cuddly snuggles? Look no further than the KONG Cozie Tuggz Frog! This adorable plush toy is specifically designed for the playful instincts of small and medium breeds, offering endless interactive fun and comforting companionship.

Tug, Crinkle, Squeak: Interactive Play for Energetic Pups

The KONG Tuggz Frog isn’t just a pretty face! This toy boasts a hidden superpower – a sturdy cotton rope knotted securely inside its plush body. This ingenious design caters to your dog’s natural tugging desires, providing hours of interactive play sessions. You and your furry friend can engage in playful games of tug-of-war, strengthening your bond and keeping them mentally and physically stimulated.

But the fun doesn’t stop there! The KONG Tuggz Frog also features exciting crinkle materials that add an extra layer of engagement during play. The irresistible crinkling sound piques your dog’s curiosity and keeps them coming back for more. Plus, there’s a built-in squeaker that lets out a fun squeak with every bite, adding another layer of excitement to playtime.

From Tug-of-War to Snuggle Time: A Toy for Every Mood

The KONG Cozie Tuggz Frog isn’t just about energetic play. The soft, plush exterior of this toy transforms it into a cuddly companion for your pup. In between tugging sessions, your dog can cuddle up with their new amphibian friend for a comforting snuggle. The plush material is gentle on their teeth and gums, making it the perfect comfort object for quiet moments.

Built to Last: Durable Construction for Long-lasting Play

The KONG Cozie Tuggz Frog is crafted with quality materials that can withstand even the most enthusiastic doggy playtime. The reinforced plush exterior is built to last, while the knotted cotton rope is incredibly strong, ensuring countless tugging sessions without fraying. This ensures you get your money’s worth and your dog gets a long-lasting playmate.

Available in Small/Medium Size: The Perfect Fit for Your Small Breed Pup

The KONG Cozie Tuggz Frog comes in a size specifically designed for small and medium breeds. This ensures your dog can comfortably grip, tug, and cuddle with their new favourite toy.

So, if you’re looking for a toy that offers the perfect blend of exciting play and comforting snuggles, the KONG Cozie Tuggz Frog is the ideal choice for your small or medium breed dog. Get ready for endless fun, happy squeaks, and a strengthened bond with your furry friend!

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