KONG Cozie Brights

  • KONG
  • Super Soft & Cuddly Plush: Perfect for snuggles and couch lounging for medium breed dogs.
  • Light Chewing Fun: Durable design for gentle chewing, keeping pups entertained.
  • Built-in Squeaker (in some): Entices natural play instincts and adds excitement.
  • Adorable Characters: Variety of cute options to match your dog’s personality.
  • Safe for Supervised Play: Provides hours of fun and companionship for your medium breed pup.

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Looking for Snuggle Time and Light Chewing Fun for Your Medium Breed Dog? Look No Further Than KONG Cozie Brights!

Is your medium breed pup a cuddle monster who also enjoys a good chew session (but not a destructive one)? Then KONG Cozie Brights are the perfect playtime pals! These luxuriously soft plush toys offer the ideal combination of comfort and durability, making them ideal for both snuggling on the couch and light indoor games of fetch or tug-of-war.

Soft and Cuddly for Maximum Comfort

Medium breed dogs, like beagles, collies, and bull terriers, come in all personalities. But one thing most of them have in common is a love to cuddle. KONG Cozie are crafted with a super-soft plush material that feels amazing against your pup’s fur. The cuddly texture provides a sense of security and comfort, making them the perfect companions for lounging on the couch or bedtime snuggles. KONG Cozie Brights are like having a built-in teddy bear for your furry friend!

Durable Enough for Light Chewing

While KONG Cozie prioritize cuddle factor, they understand that some medium breed dogs still enjoy a good chew. That’s why these toys are designed with an extra layer of material for added strength. This makes them perfect for light to moderate chewing, keeping your pup entertained and engaged during playtime.

Important Note: KONG Cozie Brights are not recommended for aggressive chewers. If your dog is a power chewer, look for KONG’s classic rubber toys designed for those tough jaws.

Squeaky Fun for Added Engagement

Many KONG Cozie Brights come with a built-in squeaker that adds another layer of excitement to playtime. The enticing squeak noises can trigger your dog’s natural instincts to pounce and play, making for some fun interactive sessions.

Multiple Adorable Characters to Choose From

KONG Cozie Brights come in a variety of adorable characters, so you can find the perfect one to match your dog’s personality. From playful hedgehogs to cuddly elephants, there’s a KONG Cozie out there waiting to become your dog’s new best friend.

Safe and Supervised Play

As with all toys, supervised play is recommended with KONG Cozie . Always keep an eye on your dog during playtime and remove any damaged pieces to prevent accidental ingestion.

Give your medium breed pup the gift of comfort and light chewing fun with KONG Cozie Brights! They’re the perfect cuddle companions and playtime partners, offering endless hours of entertainment and snuggling bliss.

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