KONG Comfort Kiddo Pig

  • KONG
  • Playful squeaker: Low-pitched bellows spark curiosity & playtime!
  • Removable squeaker: Double the fun! Squeak for playtime, remove for calm cuddles.
  • Tiny-paw perfect: Small & lightweight design for little paws.
  • Durable KONG construction: Built to last for endless adventures.
  • Multi-sensory play: Encourages cuddling, squeaking & playful pouncing. ‍♀️
  • Confidence builder: Watch your pup blossom with their adorable piggy pal.

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Spark Giggles and Snuggles with the KONG Comfort Kiddo Pig: The Perfect Playmate for Tiny Paws!

Is your adorable little pup ready for playtime adventures? Look no further than the KONG Comfort Kiddo Pig, the ultimately cuddly and captivating toy designed to bring squeals of joy and hours of entertainment to small breeds and playful puppies.

Say goodbye to bored barking and hello to non-stop tail wags! This adorable piggy pal is crafted with super-soft plush, perfect for snuggling up for cozy naps after a whirlwind of playtime. But don’t let the cuddly exterior fool you – the KONG Comfort Pig packs a punch of playful fun!

Hidden within its plushy belly lies a low-tone bellow squeaker, guaranteed to ignite your pup’s inner hunter. Watch those tiny ears perk up and playful paws pounce as they stalk, squeak, and cuddle their new best friend. The best part? The squeaker is easily removable, making this toy ideal for both energetic playtime and quiet snuggles.

Here’s why the KONG Comfort Pig is the ideal playmate for your small breed or puppy:
  • Soft and Cuddly: Made with premium plush materials, this toy is gentle on delicate teeth and gums, yet durable enough for playful pups.
  • Squeaky Surprise: The low-tone bellow squeaker piques curiosity and encourages natural hunting instincts, keeping your pup engaged and entertained.
  • Removable Squeaker: For cuddle time, simply remove the squeaker and let your furry friend snuggle up with their new plush pal.
  • Size Matters: The small and lightweight design is perfectly sized for tiny paws and mouths, making playtime a breeze for even the most petite pups.
  • Guaranteed Fun: Backed by the KONG name, you can trust this toy to be high-quality and built to last (although, remember, no toy is indestructible!).

More than just a toy, the KONG Comfort Pig is a furry friend, a squeaky playmate, and a cuddly companion. Watch your pup blossom with confidence and joy as they explore the world with their adorable pink piggy pal by their side.

So, give your tiny terror the gift of endless fun and snuggles with the KONG Comfort Kiddo Pig. Order yours today and watch playtime take on a whole new squeal-worthy dimension!
P.S. Don’t forget, the KONG Comfort Kiddo Pig is just one member of the adorable Kiddos crew! Check out the lovable lion, cuddly lamb, and mischievous monkey to complete your pup’s plush playpen!

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