KONG Chewstix Ultra Stick

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  • Splinter-free fun: KONG ChewStix Ultra’s safe rubber replaces harmful splintery sticks.
  • Double whammy: Textured surface cleans teeth while your pup chews.
  • Bacon bonanza: Irresistible scent keeps them coming back for more.
  • Chew champion: Built tough for even the most vigorous gnawers.
  • More than a chew: Busts boredom, relieves stress, & strengthens your bond.
  • Medium & large breeds rejoice: Sizes for every chomping champ!

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Unleash the Primal Chew with KONG ChewStix Ultra: Satisfy Your Medium and Large Breed Pup’s Instincts (Without the Splinters!)

Does your medium or large breed dog have an insatiable love for sticks? Do walks in the woods turn into frantic stick hunts, and your living room resemble a miniature forest after playtime? Worry not, fellow dog lovers, for there’s a safer, longer-lasting way to satisfy that primal chew: KONG ChewStix Ultra!

Specially designed for medium and large breeds with powerful jaws, KONG ChewStix Ultra is the ultimate stick substitute. This innovative toy combines the natural appeal of real wood with the safety and durability of KONG’s signature rubber, creating a chew experience like no other.

Say goodbye to splinters and hello to hours of safe, satisfying gnawing! Unlike real sticks, KONG ChewStix Ultra won’t splinter or break, protecting your pup’s mouth from harm. As your furry friend chews, the specially formulated rubber naturally flakes off instead of splintering, keeping playtime fun and worry-free.

But that’s not all! KONG ChewStix Ultra isn’t just about safety, it’s about engaging your dog’s natural instincts and promoting dental health. The unique textured surface with grooves and ridges helps massage gums and clean teeth, while the enticing bacon scent keeps your pup coming back for more.

More than just a chew toy, KONG ChewStix Ultra is a boredom buster, a stress reliever, and a bonding tool. Watch your medium or large breed dog’s tail wag with delight as they gnaw, fetch, and tug on this versatile toy. It’s perfect for solo play, interactive games, and even stuffing with treats for an extra challenge.

Available in two sizes to perfectly fit your medium or large breed dog’s jaw, KONG ChewStix Ultra is built to last. So ditch the risky sticks and unleash the primal chew with KONG ChewStix Ultra. Give your furry friend the satisfaction they crave, without the worry, and watch their tail wag with joy!
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