KONG Ballistic Vibez Bird

  • KONG
  • Ultra-durable KONG Ballistic Nylon: Withstands tough chewing from medium & large breeds.
  • Enticing Squeaker: Ignites natural prey drive for exciting fetch sessions.
  • Floppy Wings & Feet: Encourages thrashing, shaking, and extended playtime.
  • Multi-Textured Surface: Provides a delightful sensory experience for dogs.
  • Designed for All-Size Play: Long neck allows for easy grabbing by medium & large dogs.

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Unleash the Fetch Frenzy with the KONG Ballistic Vibez Bird for Medium & Large Dogs!

Looking for a toy that can keep up with your energetic medium or large-breed dog? Look no further than the KONG Ballistic Vibez Bird! This ultra-durable, bird-shaped wonder is designed to satisfy your pup’s natural instincts for fetching, shaking, and squeaking fun.

Built to Last for Medium & Large Breed Power Chewers:

The KONG Ballistic Vibez Bird isn’t your average plush toy. Made from KONG’s signature ballistic nylon, it’s incredibly tough and can withstand even the most aggressive chewers. Medium and large breed dogs are notorious for shredding softer toys, but the Vibez Bird is built to endure those powerful jaws. This means you can provide your furry friend with hours of safe and stimulating entertainment, without the worry of constant replacements.

More Than Just Fetching Fun:

The Ballistic Vibez Bird isn’t a one-trick pony. The design of this toy caters to a variety of doggy desires. The enticing squeak hidden within the bird’s body ignites your pet’s natural prey drive, making fetch sessions even more exciting. Floppy wings and feet add another layer of engagement, encouraging your dog to thrash and shake the toy with glee. The unique, multi-textured surface provides a delightful sensory experience for your pup, keeping them interested in play for longer.

Designed for All-Size Play:

Don’t let the “bird” fool you! The Vibez Bird’s cleverly designed neck allows for easy grabbing and holding, regardless of your dog’s size. This means both medium and large breed furry friends can enjoy the satisfying grip and tossing action this toy offers.

So ditch the boring toys that can’t keep up, and give your medium or large breed dog the gift of the KONG Ballistic Vibez Bird! This long-lasting, multi-textured wonder is sure to become their new favourite fetch, shake, and squeak companion.

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