King British Swimbladder Control

  • King British
  • Swim bladder treatment in goldfish with required trace elements
  • Helps maintain the osmotic pressure of salt and water in fancy goldfish like oranda
  • Suitable for use in all tropical and cold water aquariums
  • Size 100mls

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King British Swimbladder Control relieves swimbladder problems & constipation by stimulating bowel movement and assisting osmoregulation. Use when fish are unable to swim upright. Particularly recommended for Orandas and other fancy goldfish that have constricted swimbladders.

For use in tropical and coldwater aquariums.
How to use
  1. Following instructions on the carton, carefully calculate the volume of water to be treated making adequate allowance for the displacement of water by gravel, rocks & equipment.
  2. Shake the bottle well before use.
  3. Using the pipette add 1ml of Swim Bladder Control for every 9 litres (2 gals)of water. Alternatively, add 1 capful (4ml) of Swim Bladder Control for every 36 litres (8 gals) of water.
  4. Continue filtration during treatment.
  5. Repeat treatment at 48-hour intervals while symptoms persist.
  6. A 10% water change is recommended after the problem has been solved.

Active Ingredient:

Magnesium sulphate 33.33% w/w, Sodium chloride 11.11% w/w.

Available in a 100ml bottle which treats up to 900 litres of tank water.

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