Johnson’s Catnip Spray

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  • Spark Playful Zoomies: Pure catnip ignites kitty pounces & rolls.
  • Sensory Adventure: Enticing aroma & playful herbs entice kitty senses.
  • Bonding Fun: Interactive play strengthens your cat-parent connection.
  • Natural & Safe: All-natural, cat-safe ingredients for worry-free playtime.
  • Amplify Play: Turns everyday objects into irresistible catnip playgrounds.

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Unleash the Feline Fiesta: Johnson’s Catnip Spray – It’s Purrfect Playtime in a Bottle!

Is your kitty feeling frisky? Craving some kitty capers? Unleash the catnip craze with Johnson’s Catnip Spray, the purrfect way to ignite playtime and send your feline friend into a blissful frenzy! Packed with pure, potent catnip, this irresistible spray is like a sprinkle of magical pixie dust for your furry pal.

More Than Just Catnip, It’s a Sensory Playground:

Johnson’s Catnip Spray isn’t just your average catnip. We’ve crafted a special blend that tantalizes all your cat’s senses. The enticing aroma, a potent mix of natural catnip and playful herbs, will have your kitty sniffing in excitement. A single spritz on their favourite scratching post, toy, or even a cozy corner transforms it into an irresistible playground. Watch in amusement as your furry friend rolls, rubs, and revels in the catnip euphoria.

Beyond Playtime, a Bond Booster:

Johnson’s Catnip Spray isn’t just about fun and frolics; it’s also a fantastic way to strengthen your bond with your feline companion. Engaging in interactive play sessions fueled by catnip creates positive associations, building trust and affection. Witness the joy in your cat’s eyes as they chase imaginary butterflies, stalk feathery toys brought to life by the catnip magic, and cuddle up for purrfect post-play snuggles.

Safe and Sound for Your Feline Friend:

We understand your fur-ever friend’s safety is paramount. That’s why Johnson’s Catnip Spray is formulated with all-natural, cat-safe ingredients. No harsh chemicals, no artificial fragrances, just pure catnip goodness. So, let your kitty indulge without worry, knowing you’re providing them with a fun and healthy way to express their natural instincts.

Unleash the Fun, Unleash the Purrs:
So, what are you waiting for? Give your cat the gift of catnip bliss with Johnson’s Catnip Spray! Witness the zoomies, the head rolls, the pure joy – it’s playtime amplified, a purrfect bonding experience, and a meow-gical memory in the making. Order your bottle today and watch your cat become the happiest, most playful feline friend on the block!
  • Size 150ml pump spray
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