James Wellbeloved Adult Lamb & Rice Dry Dog Food

  • James Wellbeloved
  • Single-source lamb protein: Builds strong muscles for all-day adventures.
  • Gentle on bellies: Highly digestible rice keeps sensitive stomachs happy.
  • Shiny coat, wagging tail: Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids for a gorgeous, healthy glow. ✨‍
  • Immune system boost: Zinc & Vitamin E support overall health and well-being. ️🩺
  • Naturally delicious: No nasties, just pure, wholesome ingredients. ❌

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Unleash the wag with James Wellbeloved Adult Lamb & Rice Dry Dog Food: Fueling the Prime Years of Your Canine Companion

Life’s an adventure for your adult dog, and every tail-wagging moment deserves the best. Nourish their zest for life with James Wellbeloved Adult Lamb & Rice Dry Dog Food, a recipe crafted with nature’s finest ingredients to keep your furry friend thriving through their prime years.

Made with love for grown-up pups, this wholesome dry food boasts a single source of protein – succulent lamb, gently cooked to retain its delicious flavour and deliver essential amino acids for strong muscles and boundless energy. Brown and white rice provide highly digestible carbohydrates for sustained vitality, while chicory extract adds a touch of prebiotics to support a healthy gut flora.

But James Wellbeloved goes beyond just filling bellies. We understand that adult dogs deserve extra care, so we’ve packed this food with a treasure trove of nutrients to keep them feeling their best:

  • Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids for a gleaming coat and healthy skin, making every wag and strut a runway moment.
  • Zinc to support a robust immune system and keep your furry friend bouncing back from every adventure.
  • Vitamin E and minerals to fuel inner strength and vitality, ensuring they’re ready to tackle every day with enthusiasm.

Forget artificial flavours, colours, and preservatives, James Wellbeloved is all about pure, natural goodness that your adult dog can truly savour. We’ve carefully excluded common allergens like beef, pork, soy, eggs, dairy, and wheat, making this food ideal for sensitive stomachs and picky eaters.

So, let your adult dog unleash their inner explorer with James Wellbeloved Adult Lamb & Rice Dry Dog Food. Every kibble is a promise of optimal health, vibrant energy, and a wagging tail that never stops. Fuel their adventures, nourish their well-being, and watch them shine with every step.

Because every day with your adult dog is a gift, give them the gift of James Wellbeloved.


Lamb meal (23.5%), brown rice (20%), white rice (19.7%), barley, whole linseed, lamb fat (3.5%), lamb gravy (2.9%), sugar beet pulp, alfalfa meal, sunflower oil, seaweed, sodium chloride, fish oil, potassium chloride, chicory extract (0.1%), calcium carbonate, yucca extract (0.02%), green tea extract (0.003%), pomegranate extract (0.001%), rosemary extract (0.001%).

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