James Wellbeloved Adult Duck & Rice Dry Dog Food

  • James Wellbeloved
  • Real Duck Protein: Delicious & digestible energy for playful pals.
  • Hypoallergenic Goodness: Perfect for sensitive stomachs, no common allergens.
  • Shiny Coat & Wagging Tail: Omega-3s, vitamins & minerals fuel health & happiness.
  • Gentle Digestion: Brown rice & prebiotics for happy tummies.
  • No Nasties!: Pure, wholesome ingredients you can trust.
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Unleash the Wag with James Wellbeloved Adult Duck & Rice Dry Dog Food: Fueling Happy, Healthy Adult Companions

Is your adult canine craving adventure? Spark their inner explorer with the irresistible taste and wholesome goodness of James Wellbeloved Adult Duck & Rice Dry Dog Food. This complete and balanced meal, crafted specifically for the needs of adult dogs, is a delicious blend of nature’s finest ingredients designed to nourish their bodies and ignite their spirits.

Fueling Adult Adventures:
  • Ducktastic Delight: This recipe bursts with the succulent flavour of real duck, a highly digestible protein source packed with essential amino acids to keep your adult dog feeling energized and ready to tackle any day.
  • Rise to the Occasion: Brown and white rice, nature’s powerhouses of carbohydrates, provide sustained energy for those playful romps and adventurous walks. Gentle on sensitive stomachs, this duo ensures your furry friend feels comfortable and ready to explore.
  • Beyond the Bowl: We’ve sprinkled in a secret weapon – prebiotics! These natural gut heroes help maintain a healthy digestive system, so your adult dog can focus on the fun, not the fuss.
More than just a Meal, it’s a Wellbeloved Promise:
  • Hypoallergenic Hero: Say goodbye to itchy skin and upset tummies! Formulated with a single source of protein and free from common allergens like beef, pork, and wheat, this food is ideal for adult dogs with sensitive souls.
  • Shiny Coat, Happy Heart: Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids work their magic to keep your dog’s coat gleaming with health, while essential vitamins and minerals support a strong immune system and a happy heart.
  • Tail-Wagging Goodness: No artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives here! Just pure, wholesome ingredients that your adult dog will love and your conscience can feel good about.

Unleash the full potential of your adult dog with James Wellbeloved Adult Duck & Rice Dry Dog Food. It’s not just a meal, it’s an invitation to explore, play, and live life to the fullest, every tail-wagging moment of the way.

So, ditch the ordinary and discover the extraordinary. Let James Wellbeloved Adult Duck & Rice Dry Food fuel your adult dog’s adventures, one delicious bite at a time.

Remember, James Wellbeloved Adult Duck & Rice Dry Dog Food is specifically designed for adult dogs, providing them with the perfect blend of nutrients to thrive in their prime. Give your best friend the gift of well-being and watch their tail wags turn into full-blown happy dances!


Duck meal (21.5%), brown rice (21.4%), white rice (21.3%), naked oats, whole linseed, pea starch, duck fat (3.4%), duck gravy (2.9%), alfalfa meal, pea fibre, chicory pulp, seaweed, sodium chloride, fish oil, potassium chloride, chicory extract (0.1%), calcium carbonate, yucca extract (0.02%), green tea extract (0.003%), pomegranate extract (0.001%), rosemary extract (0.001%).

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2kg, 15kg


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