James Wellbeloved Adult Chicken & Rice Dry Dog Food

  • James Wellbeloved
  • Real Chicken First: Fuel strong muscles & a shiny coat with high-quality protein. ✨ •
  • Gentle on Tummies: Easily digestible rice for happy bellies & sustained energy. •
  • Happy Gut, Happy Dog: Chicory extract promotes healthy digestion & nutrient absorption. •
  • Immune System Support: Vitamins & minerals keep your dog’s defenses strong for everyday adventures. ️ •
  • Skin & Coat Brilliance: Omega 6s & zinc nourish skin for a soft, shiny coat. ✨ •
  • Less Mess, More Smiles: Yucca extract minimizes yard odors for more playtime & cuddles. ❤️ •
  • Hypoallergenic Happiness: Free from common allergens, perfect for sensitive pups. ❤️❌ •
  • Tailored for Adult Adventures: Ideal for active dogs aged 1+, providing the perfect nutrient balance. ‍♀️

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Fuel Happy Tails with James Wellbeloved Adult Chicken & Rice Dry Dog Food: Nourishing Your Four-Legged Friend from Puppyhood to Prime

Nurture your adult dog’s adventurous spirit with James Wellbeloved Adult Chicken & Rice Dry Dog Food, a delicious and complete meal crafted with their well-being in mind. This carefully balanced formula, packed with high-quality protein and easily digestible carbohydrates, caters to the needs of your adult companion, keeping them energized for every wag, pounce, and playful sprint.

Unleash a Symphony of Health with Every Bite:
  • Chicken First: Real, deboned chicken leads the pack, delivering essential amino acids for strong muscles and a coat that gleams with vitality.
  • Gentle on Tummies: A blend of brown and white rice provides readily available energy, while being kind to even the most sensitive stomachs.
  • Digestive Harmony: Chicory extract acts as a prebiotic, promoting a healthy gut flora and supporting optimal nutrient absorption.
More Than Just Fuel:
  • Immune System Boost: A cocktail of vitamins and minerals, including vitamin E, reinforces your dog’s natural defenses, keeping them ready for life’s adventures.
  • Skin & Coat Brilliance: Omega 6 fatty acids and zinc work in perfect harmony to nourish your dog’s skin from within, resulting in a coat that’s soft, shiny, and begging for belly rubs.
  • Less Mess, More Smiles: Yucca extract, nature’s odor-neutralizer, helps minimize unwanted “presents” in the yard, leaving you with more time for tail wags and muddy paw prints.
Say Goodbye to Guesswork, Hello to Wellbeloved:
  • Hypoallergenic Happiness: Formulated with a single source of protein, James Wellbeloved Adult Chicken & Rice excludes common allergens like beef, pork, and wheat, giving sensitive souls the peace of mind they deserve to thrive.
  • No Nasties Needed: Free from artificial flavors, colors, and antioxidants, this food lets natural goodness take center stage in your dog’s bowl.
  • Tailored for Adult Adventures: Specially crafted for adult dogs aged 1 year and above, this formula provides the perfect balance of nutrients to keep them active, playful, and brimming with zest for life.
Fuel the joy, nourish the love, and watch your adult dog blossom with James Wellbeloved Adult Chicken & Rice Dry Dog Food. Every bowlful is a celebration of their playful spirit, a testament to your unwavering love, and a promise of countless happy tails wagging for years to come.


Chicken meal* (21.5%), brown rice* (20.5%), white rice* (20.4%), naked oats* (16%), whole linseed* (4.5%), chicken fat* (4.2%), sugar beet pulp*, chicken gravy (2.9%), pea starch, alfalfa meal*, seaweed*, pea fibre*, fish oil*, potassium chloride, sodium chloride, chicory extract* (0.1%), calcium carbonate, yucca extract* (0.02%). *Natural ingredients.

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