James Wellbeloved Adult Cat Light Turkey & Rice

  • James Wellbeloved
  • Weight Management: Reduced fat content helps adult cats achieve & maintain a healthy weight.
  • Lean & Active: Supports feline agility & playfulness with high-quality protein from delicious turkey.
  • Digestive Harmony: Prebiotics & natural fiber promote gut health & nutrient absorption.
  • Shiny Coat, Happy Cat: Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids nourish skin & fur for a healthy, glossy shine.
  • Immune System Boost: Essential vitamins & minerals strengthen your cat’s natural defenses.
  • Sensitive Tummy Friendly: No added wheat, beef, pork, soy, dairy, or eggs for happy digestion.

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Unleash the Purrfect Shape with James Wellbeloved Adult Cat Light Turkey & Rice Dry Cat Food!

Is your adult cat sporting a little extra fluff? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. Those extra snuggles might be adorable, but maintaining a healthy weight is essential for your feline friend’s long-term well-being. That’s where James Wellbeloved Adult Cat Light Turkey & Rice Dry Cat Food comes in!

This specially formulated kibble is designed to help your adult cat achieve and maintain a lean, healthy figure, all while providing them with the delicious taste and essential nutrients they deserve. Say goodbye to chonky kitties and hello to a svelte, sleek furball!

Here’s how James Wellbeloved Adult Cat Light Turkey & Rice Dry Cat Food works its magic:
  • Low-calorie goodness: We’ve carefully reduced the fat content while still providing complete, balanced nutrition for your adult cat. This means they’ll feel fuller for longer without packing on the pounds.
  • High-quality protein: Turkey, a highly digestible and delicious source of protein, takes center stage in this recipe. It fuels your cat’s muscles and supports their overall health, all while keeping them feeling satisfied.
  • Digestive dream team: Prebiotics and natural fiber keep your adult cat’s gut happy and healthy, ensuring efficient nutrient absorption and reducing unpleasant litter box surprises.
  • Shiny coat, purrfect health: Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids work their magic on your cat’s skin and coat, leaving them with a sleek, glossy shine that’s the envy of the neighbourhood.
  • Immune system support: A blend of essential vitamins and minerals helps boost your adult cat’s immune system, keeping them fighting fit and ready for adventure.
  • Naturally hypoallergenic: No added wheat, beef, pork, soy, dairy, or eggs – just simple, wholesome ingredients that are kind to sensitive tummies.
More than just a diet, James Wellbeloved Light Turkey dry food is a journey to a healthier, happier adult cat. Watch those pounds melt away, witness the playful energy return, and bask in the purrs of contentment as your feline friend rediscovers their sleek, agile self.
Give your adult cat the gift of a healthy, happy life with James Wellbeloved Adult Cat Light Turkey & Rice Dry Cat Food. Order yours today!


Turkey meal (28.5%), brown rice, white rice, maize gluten, potato protein, turkey gravy (3.9%), turkey fat (3.5%), tomato pomace, sugar beet pulp, alfalfa meal, whole linseed, pea protein, dried meat-free stock, potassium chloride, seaweed, fish oil, chicory extract (0.25%), calcium carbonate, carrot, sodium chloride, cranberry extract (0.05%), glucosamine (0.045%), nettles (0.025%), yucca extract (0.02%), rosemary extract (0.006%), chondroitin (0.005%), green tea extract (0.003%), pomegranate extract (0.001%).

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