IAMS Senior Small & Medium Breed with Fresh Chicken

  • IAMS
  • Specially formulated for small and medium breed senior dogs
  • High-quality ingredients for all-around senior health
  • Supports digestion, joints, cognition, and more
  • Delicious recipe with real, deboned chicken as the first ingredient
  • Promotes a shiny coat, healthy teeth, and strong bones

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Rekindle the Spark: IAMS Senior Small & Medium Breed with Fresh Chicken Dry Dog Food

Senior years shouldn’t mean slowing down. For your small or medium breed canine companion, IAMS Vitality Senior Dry Dog Food with Fresh Chicken is more than just kibble – it’s a flamethrower for their inner fire. This specially formulated recipe, bursting with 82% animal protein, is designed to reignite the spark of vitality in senior dogs, helping them thrive well into their golden years.

Fuel the Adventures, Big and Small:
  • Energy Boost: High-quality protein from real chicken, turkey, and eggs fuels active lifestyles, whether it’s a morning romp in the park or a playful chase around the house.
  • Muscle Maintenance: Essential amino acids help keep those senior muscles strong and toned, ensuring your furry friend can navigate stairs, chase squirrels, and cuddle up with ease.
  • Digestive Delight: Prebiotics and beet pulp support a healthy gut, leading to better nutrient absorption and less embarrassing “senior moments” in the yard.
Beyond the Basics:

IAMS Vitality Senior isn’t just about keeping your dog moving; it’s about nurturing their overall well-being.

  • Shining Coat & Healthy Skin: Omega-3 and 6 fatty acids work their magic on the inside, revealing a radiant coat and healthy, itch-free skin on the outside.
  • Strong Bones & Teeth: Calcium and vitamin D team up to keep bones strong and teeth sparkling, even in their golden years.
  • Sharp Mind & Happy Heart: Antioxidants and L-carnitine support cognitive function and heart health, keeping your senior pup mentally sharp and full of love.

More than just food, IAMS Vitality Senior is a promise: a promise to keep your small or medium breed senior dog at their best, living life to the fullest, every single day. So ditch the age expectations, reignite the spark, and watch your senior dog rediscover the joy of movement, playfulness, and the love that only a furry companion can bring.

Give your senior dog the gift of vitality with IAMS Vitality Senior Small & Medium Breed Dog Food with Fresh Chicken. Start their next chapter today!
Remember, IAMS Vitality Senior is specifically formulated for small and medium breed senior dogs. Choose the perfect fit for your furry friend!


Dried chicken & turkey 30% (including chicken 18%), maize, maize grits, barley, animal fat, fresh chicken (4.7%), sorghum, dried beet pulp (2.7%), chicken gravy, minerals (including sodium hexametaphosphate (0.38%)), fructooligosaccharides (0.21%), brewer’s dried yeast, glucosamine (from animal tissues) (0.04%).

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