IAMS for Vitality Small and Medium Breed with Lamb

  • IAMS
  • Spark Energy with 80% Protein: Power playful pursuits & strong muscles with high-quality animal protein.
  • Kibble Made Right for Small Bites: Easy chewing & digestion, maximizing nutrient absorption.
  • Health Shines from Within: Support healthy teeth, bones, skin & coat with essential vitamins & minerals. ✨
  • Delicious Lamb Flavour: Entice even picky eaters & keep energy levels high with irresistible taste.
  • Gut Health & Strong Immune System: Prebiotics & antioxidants ensure your pup feels & fights their best.

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Unleash the Vitality in Your Small & Mighty Companion: IAMS for Vitality Adult Small & Medium Breed with Lamb Dry Dog Food

Fuel the spark of adventure and the joy of playful zoomies with IAMS for Vitality Adult Small & Medium Breed with Lamb Dry Dog Food. This delicious recipe is specifically crafted for your petite powerhouse, packed with the goodness they need to thrive, every kibble bursting with 80% animal protein, the very foundation for their 7 signs of healthy vitality.

Small & Mighty, Big Needs:

Your small & medium breed may be pint-sized, but their energy and zest for life are boundless. They chase squirrels with Olympic-worthy sprints, explore the world with boundless curiosity, and shower you with endless tail wags and snuggles. To keep their little engines running at full tilt, they need a diet that delivers complete and balanced expert nutrition tailored to their unique needs.

IAMS for Vitality: Your Answer to Small & Medium Breed Brilliance

IAMS for Vitality Adult Small & Medium Breed with Lamb Dry Dog Food is more than just kibble; it’s a vibrant promise of well-being, crafted with your small & medium breed’s specific needs in mind.

Fuel the Adventure:
  • 80% Animal Protein: Power their playful pursuits with high-quality animal protein, the building blocks for strong muscles and boundless energy.
  • Tailored Kibble Size: Perfectly sized for easy chewing and digestion, ensuring they get all the goodness from every bite.
  • Optimal Nutrient Blend: Packed with essential vitamins and minerals, supporting healthy teeth, bones, skin, and a radiant coat.
Spark the Joy:
  • Delicious Lamb Flavour: Every bowl is an invitation to devour, enticing even the pickiest eaters to keep their energy levels high.
  • Digestive Health Boost: Prebiotics and fiber help maintain a healthy gut microbiome, keeping them feeling their best.
  • Immune System Support: Antioxidants and essential nutrients help build a strong defense against everyday challenges.
Watch Your Small & Medium Breed Shine:

With IAMS for Vitality Adult Small & Medium Breed with Lamb Dry Dog Food, you’ll see the difference in every playful leap, every tail wag, and every spark of joy in their eyes. They’ll be full of energy, radiating health, and ready to take on the world, one adventure at a time.

Give your small & medium breed the gift of vitality. Choose IAMS for Vitality Adult Small & Medium Breed with Lamb Dry Dog Food today.
Unleash the champion within. Unleash the Vitality.


Dried chicken & turkey 30% (including chicken 18%), maize, maize grits, barley, animal fat, lamb (4.1%), sorghum, dried beet pulp (2.9%), chicken gravy, minerals (including sodium hexametaphosphate (0.38%)), fructooligosaccharides (0.21%), brewer’s dried yeast.

  • Available Size 12kg
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