Hollings Sausage with Venison Dog Treats

  • Hollings
  • Real Venison: Unique & delicious flavor dogs love!
  • Protein Power: Supports muscle growth & energy.
  • Air-Dried Goodness: Long-lasting, satisfying chew.
  • Gentle Digestion: Low fat & fiber, perfect for sensitive pups.
  • Convenient & Portable: Ideal for training & walks.

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Unleash the Thrill of the Hunt: Reward Your Dog with Hollings Sausage with Venison Dog Treats

Craving adventure? Look no further than your dog’s bowl! Hollings Sausage with Venison Dog Treats capture the spirit of the wild, offering a delicious and nutritious chew that awakens your canine’s inner wolf. Made with real venison, these air-dried sausages are packed with protein and flavour, providing a satisfying reward your dog will go wild for.

More than just a treat, Hollings Sausage with Venison is a celebration of your dog’s natural instincts. The rich aroma of venison, sourced from carefully selected farms, ignites their curiosity. Each bite delivers a satisfying textural experience, keeping them engaged and mentally stimulated.

But the benefits go beyond taste and excitement. These treats are naturally healthy, boasting a high protein content (31.5%) that supports lean muscle growth and energy levels. They’re also low in fat (15%) and contain minimal crude fiber (1%), making them gentle on sensitive stomachs.

Here’s why Hollings Sausage with Venison Dog Treats are the perfect choice for your adventurous pup:
  • Real Venison: The star ingredient is ethically sourced venison, offering a unique and delicious taste your dog will crave.
  • Air-Dried Goodness: This natural drying process preserves nutrients and intensifies flavors, creating a long-lasting and satisfying chew.
  • Protein Powerhouse: With 31.5% protein, these treats support muscle development and fuel your dog’s active lifestyle.
  • Gentle on Digestion: Low in fat and fiber, they’re ideal for dogs with sensitive stomachs.
  • Convenient & Portable: The handy sausage shape makes them perfect for training, walks, or playtime.

Unlock the wild side of your dog’s appetite with Hollings Sausage with Venison . These aren’t just treats, they’re an adventure in every bite. Watch your furry friend’s tail wag with excitement as they savour the taste of the hunt. So, unleash the thrill and reward your dog with the delicious goodness of nature!

P.S. Remember, Hollings Sausage with Venison Dog Treats are for adult dogs only. Not suitable for puppies, dogs with poor teeth, or elderly dogs. Always provide fresh water alongside any treat.


Meat and Animal Derivatives (including Venison 5%), Derivatives of Vegetable Origin, and Minerals.

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