HiLife its only natural The Luxury Jelly Collection

  • Hi Life
  • Real, grain-free food for adult dogs
  • No fillers, artificial colours, or flavours
  • Hand-prepared protein-packed recipes
  • Delicious jelly & convenient pouches
  • Spoil your pup with healthy indulgence

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Pamper Your Pup with HiLife’s it’s only natural The Luxury Jelly Collection: Made for Adult Dogs Who Deserve the Best

Treat your discerning adult dog to the exquisite flavours and gourmet textures of HiLife its only natural The Luxury Jelly Collection. This delectable selection of hand-prepared dishes is crafted with 100% natural ingredients, ensuring every bite is a nutritious and paw-some indulgence.

Spoil your furry friend with two mouthwatering recipes:
  • Succulent Chicken Breast with Carrots & Peas in Jelly: Tender, human-grade chicken, diced carrots, and vibrant peas bathed in a light, flavourful jelly. This protein-packed recipe fuels your dog’s adventures while providing essential vitamins and minerals.
  • Flavourful Chicken Breast with Beef & Carrots in Jelly: A delightful combination of juicy chicken and savoury beef, complemented by the sweetness of carrots, all nestled in a delectable jelly. This protein-rich option satisfies your dog’s cravings while supporting their overall health.
Go beyond the ordinary with HiLife’s it’s only natural The Luxury Jelly Collection:
  • 100% Natural Ingredients: No fillers, artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives. Just real, wholesome food your dog can love.
  • Grain-Free Formula: Perfect for adult dogs with sensitive stomachs or dietary restrictions.
  • Hand-Prepared with Care: Each recipe is cooked to perfection, preserving the natural goodness and taste.
  • Convenient Pouches: Single-serving pouches are ideal for portion control and on-the-go meals.
  • Complementary Food: Use alongside your dog’s regular kibble for added variety and excitement.

Indulge your adult dog’s discerning palate and nourish their well-being with HiLife’s it’s only natural The Luxury Jelly Collection. It’s not just food, it’s a culinary experience they deserve.

Upgrade your dog’s mealtime today and watch their tail wag with joy!

Remember, HiLife’s it’s only natural The Luxury Jelly Collection is specifically formulated for adult dogs. Always consult your veterinarian for personalized dietary recommendations.


Chicken breast with carrots & peas: Chicken breast (55%), carrots (10%), beans (10%), peas (5%), dolphin-safe tuna (5%).
Chicken breast with beef & carrots: Chicken breast (55%), beef (5%), carrots (5%), minerals
Technological Additive: Cassia Gum 1,725 mg/kg

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