Hatchwells Dentifresh Granulated Charcoal

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  • Sparkling Smiles & Purrs: Freshens breath, tackling both doggy breath & kitty flatulence.
  • Happy Tummies & Peace: Charcoal magic absorbs gas-causing toxins, taming tummy troubles.
  • Optimal Digestion & Poop-Time Joy: Supports smooth food processing for happy digestion.
  • Gleaming Pearly Whites: Abrasive texture polishes away plaque & tartar for dental hygiene.
  • Natural & Gentle: Made with love for even sensitive furry friends.

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Freshen Fido’s Breath & Felix’s Flatulence: Hatchwells Dentifresh Granulated Charcoal – The Double Whammy for Wholesome Pet Pouts!

Is your furry friend’s breath more “Fearsome Fang” than “Flower Field”? Do tummy rumbles threaten to rival even the loudest thunderclap? Hatchwells Dentifresh Granulated Charcoal is here to the rescue, a natural, safe, and pawsitively powerful solution for conquering canine and feline stink bombs!

Say goodbye to bad breath and gassy greetings! This revolutionary oral supplement, packed with the power of activated charcoal, tackles two nasty pet problems in one grin-inducing, toot-reducing scoop.

Kiss doggy breath buh-bye! Hatchwells Dentifresh Granulated Charcoal acts like a magnet, attracting and absorbing odor-causing bacteria deep within your pup’s pearly whites. No more “morning breath” that could clear a room – just fresh, kissable doggy smiles that’ll melt your heart (not your nose).

Tame tummy troubles with charcoal’s magic touch! Activated charcoal’s incredible absorbency works wonders on gassy woes. It soaks up those tummy-turning toxins and gases before they erupt as embarrassing stink bombs, leaving your kitty feeling comfortable and your home smelling delightful.

But wait, there’s more! Hatchwells Dentifresh  isn’t just a breath and bloat buster; it’s a holistic health hero for your furry friend:
  • Supports healthy digestion: Charcoal’s gentle detoxifying properties aid in smooth food processing, reducing discomfort and promoting optimal nutrient absorption.
  • Promotes dental hygiene: Its abrasive texture helps polish away plaque and tartar build-up, keeping those pearly whites sparkling and healthy.
  • Natural and safe: Made with love and only the finest, food-grade activated charcoal, it’s gentle enough for even the most sensitive tummies.

Sprinkle, scoop, smile! Adding Hatchwells Dentifresh Granulated Charcoal to your pet’s food is as easy as pie (without the post-pie gurgles, of course!). Simply measure a scoop based on your pet’s size and watch the magic happen.

No more nose-wrinkling sniffs, no more room-clearing eruptions! Hatchwells Dentifresh  is the double-duty dental delight your pet deserves. Order today and unleash a wave of fresh breath and happy meows and wags!

Remember, Hatchwells Dentifresh Granulated Charcoal: the ultimate secret weapon for conquering bad breath, taming tummy troubles, and bringing joyful, odour-free moments back to your home!
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